Books by Nick Allen

Released: May 8, 2012

"A mostly valuable testimonial of the Pacific campaign's desperate brutality—will appeal to fans of The Pacific or Band of Brothers."
Pulpy yet engrossing account of the vicious combat encountered by U.S. Marines in the Pacific theater of World War II. Read full book review >
ONE SOLDIER’S WAR by Arkady Babchenko
Released: Feb. 1, 2008

"'War always smells the same—diesel oil and dust tinged with sadness,' Babchenko reflects. A harrowing, masterfully written tale that, like Anthony Swofford's Jarhead and Mark Bowden's Black Hawk Down, bears promise of becoming a classic of modern war reportage."
Apocalypse Now? The guys on the boat had it easy, as this memoir from the Chechnya front demonstrates within a few sentences. Read full book review >