Books by Norah McClintock

HIT AND RUN by Norah McClintock
Released: March 1, 2014

"The rescue of an at-risk adolescent with light and dark sides takes center stage, but the unfolding mystery adds a dramatic subplot. (Mystery. 12-14)"
Bad seed wars with good in an orphaned teenager who finds out that his mother's death wasn't an accident. Read full book review >
IN TOO DEEP by Norah McClintock
Released: March 1, 2013

"Another solid Robyn Hunter outing. (Mystery. 12-16)"
This nifty detective-style mystery series continues with a trip to a resort town and an investigation into a school for troubled boys. Read full book review >
CLOSE TO THE HEEL by Norah McClintock
Released: Oct. 10, 2012

"A neat, suspenseful mystery tailor-made for young readers. (Mystery. 10-14)"
This exciting mystery-suspense novel takes readers to faraway Iceland. Read full book review >
CLEANUP by Norah McClintock
Released: Oct. 1, 2012

"Weighing in at just over 100 pages, this solid mystery is good for both the series' target audience and readers who don't want a long-term commitment."
A young Latina finds herself out of her job and attempting to clear her friend and co-worker in the murder of their employer. Read full book review >
I, WITNESS by Norah McClintock
Released: Oct. 1, 2012

"Bodies pile up around Boone like he's some teenage Jessica Fletcher, straining credulity but not sparking much interest. (Graphic thriller. 13 & up)"
If it means putting yourself in danger, do you have to come forward as a witness? Read full book review >
OUT OF THE COLD by Norah McClintock
Released: Sept. 1, 2012

"This series presents readers with nice, tidy mysteries and work as an excellent introduction to the genre, besides being plenty of fun. (Mystery. 11-16)"
Another easy-reading mystery from McClintock. Read full book review >
LAST CHANCE by Norah McClintock
Released: April 1, 2012

"Great for dog lovers and young mystery fans. (Mystery. 12-16)"
How does a girl who's terrified of dogs wind up working at an animal shelter? Read full book review >
SHE SAID/SHE SAW by Norah McClintock
Released: March 1, 2011

"Mysterious and haunting, packed with hard truths about adolescence. (Mystery. 15 & up)"
McClintock, the author of the Ellis Award-winning Chloe & Levesque crime series for teen readers, returns with a slim and shocking stand-alone. Read full book review >
TAKEN by Norah McClintock
Released: Oct. 1, 2009

"Told in the first person, this suspenseful survival story is sure to have strong appeal. (Thriller. 12 & up)"
Stephanie dislikes Gregg, her mother's boyfriend—he's diametrically the opposite of Stephanie's deceased father, whom she misses greatly. Read full book review >