Books by Otfried Preussler

Released: March 26, 1965

"Their elaborate tracking simply snares them in the robber's den, and their involved escape includes outwitting a magician. The team of Kasperl and Seppel is sort of a lumbering counterpart of Laurel and Hardy. When described in full, their outlandish actions generally seem clumsy and foolish and not really terribly humorous. The book is translated from the German and is by the same author of Thomas Scarecrow and The Wise Men of Schilda (1963).</p>"
<p>Hotzenplotz's theft of a musical coffee mill set Kasperl and his straightman friend Seppel in pursuit of the notorious bandit. Read full book review >
THE LITTLE WITCH by Otfried Preussler
Released: Oct. 8, 1961

<p>All children who tremble at the thought of witches — allay your fears! — For as of Walpurgis Night last, the bad witches have been rendered powerless and only one good little witch remains. Read full book review >
THE LITTLE WATER SPRITE by Otfried Preussler
Released: Feb. 28, 1961

"Endowed with a daring spirit, this lively little sprite ventures into many exciting and amusing episodes, including a trip with a strong current over the mill wheel, a joke played on a naive fisherman which saves Cyprian the Carp, a punishment for contracting dry feet, and a host of additional pranks, games and adventures calculated to delight and entertain. The book received a special award in the German Children's Book Prize of 1957 and has been translated into several languages.</p>"
<p>An enchanting fantasy about the life of a young water sprite growing up in the cool green world of the mill pond. Read full book review >

In an original fairy tale by the respected German author of such fiction as The Satanic Mill, three brothers set out to find a unicorn with horn of ivory, hooves of gold, and a diamond star on his brow. Read full book review >