Books by Paul Eddy

FLINT’S LAW by Paul Eddy
Released: July 22, 2002

"Bids fair to be a thoroughly entertaining series. Pare the next one down some, and Grace understated will really shine."
International cop Grace Flint makes a second intriguing appearance (Flint, 2000)—but then hangs around too long. Read full book review >
FLINT by Paul Eddy
Released: Sept. 5, 2000

"Readers who don't mind the hiccup of the flashbacks that interrupt every third scene to backtrack anywhere from ten minutes ago to the heroine's childhood will find lots more surprises up Eddy's sleeve. A welcome debut, with a heroine volcanic enough for a series. (Film rights to Columbia)"
Years after she was scarred and nearly killed by a double-dealing international criminal, a British undercover cop throws over the traces to go after him on her own—a busy first novel from journalist Eddy (Hunting Marco Polo, 1991, etc.) Read full book review >
Released: June 10, 1991

"Fast and smooth, and daring to show that even drug-dealing has a human face."
A cop's hunt for a drug dealer resembles a ``marathon chess game'' in this surprising look at one battle in the war on substance abuse. Read full book review >