Books by Paul Olchváry

THE WHITE KING by György Dragomán
Released: April 21, 2008

"Dark comedy and enveloping tragedy converge in this powerfully disturbing novel."
A debut novel by a 34-year-old Romanian author that depicts totalitarian brutality from a child's perspective. Read full book review >
AZAREL by Károly Pap
Released: Aug. 1, 2001

"Richly imagined work by a gifted storyteller of great subtlety and substance: Pap clearly deserves a wide audience, however belatedly achieved."
Before he vanished into a Nazi concentration camp, Pap was already known as one of the finest Hungarian writers, a judgment confirmed for contemporary readers by this first English translation of his lively, intense 1937 novel: the story of a boy's crisis of faith. Read full book review >