Books by Peter Joyce

THE MAGIC STOPWATCH by Heather Maisner
Released: Nov. 1, 1997

Inevitable comparisons will be drawn between this effort and the Waldo books: They share the same swarming scenes, the search for the hidden elements within the flurry, and similar artwork. Instead of the goofy, striped-shirt Waldo, however, readers must find the magic stopwatch hidden in each sporting tableaux before they advance in the game (and the book). Maisner's emphasis is on sporting techniques and fields of play, with 20 events in all, from horses and bikes to field hockey, cricket, skiing, women's gymnastics. Those with shorter attention spans can refer to the list of ``lost belongings'' that Great Uncle Olympus, the book's guide, mentions he has misplaced in the gaming venues; for more patient observers, the book offers a fairly painless way of digesting a great deal of sports information. (Picture book. 8- 11) Read full book review >