Books by Richard Hammer

THE THURSDAY CLUB by Vincent Murano
Released: Nov. 1, 1992

Routine NYPD conspiracy-thriller that should have been better, considering Murano's years as an NYPD Internal Affairs detective (Cop Hunter, 1990) and Hammer's credits as a true-crime (Beyond Obsession, p. 93) and fiction writer (Dance Down the Mountain). The authors spring a nice little surprise up-front, when veteran homicide cop Felix Palmieri, who looks to be the story's hero through his investigation of several cases—including the murders of a black hooker, a top mobster, and an Arab diplomat—is himself gunned down in a dark alley. Read full book review >

BEYOND OBSESSION by Richard Hammer
Released: March 23, 1992

From Hammer (The Helmsleys, 1990; The CBS Murders, 1987, etc.), a scrupulously detailed account of a teenaged girl, her boyfriend, and the murder of her mother. Joyce Aparo was everything a murder victim shouldn't be: popular with her co-workers, known by everyone in her hometown of Glastonbury, Connecticut, and a highly competent career woman. Read full book review >