Books by Richard Nixon

Released: Jan. 27, 1992

"A geopolitical catechism that's worldly wise and thought-provoking."
Liberal (with a capital L) doses of realpolitik from an elder statesman whose shrewd and unsentimental approach to foreign affairs remains well worth heeding. Read full book review >
1999 by Richard Nixon
Released: April 29, 1988

"A geopolitical briefing that's as worldly-wise as it is provocative and instructive."
A pragmatic and prescriptive critique that details what the US can do over the next dozen years to ensure peace, prosperity, and related blessings in the 21st century. Read full book review >
NO MORE VIETNAMS by Richard Nixon
Released: April 15, 1985

"Instead, he will undoubtedly reignite a lot of fires that burned out long ago."
After The Real War and Real Peace: the real Nixon. Read full book review >
REAL PEACE by Richard Nixon
Released: Jan. 12, 1983

"And he has the Soviets retreating around the world - losing the battle for minds, losing economic ground - even as he has them advancing: the text is so simple (less prolix than the Nixon norm) that many readers will be able to see through it."
Nixon calls the geopolitical policy he advocates in this brief book "hard-headed détente": "a combination of détente with deterrence." Read full book review >
LEADERS by Richard Nixon
Released: Oct. 25, 1982

"Pretty tiresome, even for the sympathetically-inclined."
Recollections of Churchill, de Gaulle, Khrushchev, et al. recycled from RN - plus biographical material from the public domain and a few thoughts on leadership by which Nixon identifies himself with his subjects. Read full book review >
Released: June 5, 1978

"How the mightiest fell: it may not be worth a thousand pages, but they do carry weight."
"I intended to play the role of the President right to the hilt and right to the end." Read full book review >
Released: June 21, 1960

"There is very little here that will support the views of those who feel that what Mr. Nixon had to say before 1957 is as much a part of the record as the new 'high road' look."
Compiled from the Vice-President's remarks before various groups, responses to questions and speeches, this book is a carefully chosen collection of essays on domestic and international affairs. Read full book review >