Books by Robert Girardi

GORGEOUS EAST by Robert Girardi
Released: Oct. 13, 2009

"Nothing new here, but an entertaining 21st-century variant on the classic adventure tale."
Girardi (The Wrong Doyle, 2004, etc.) pits the French Foreign Legion against Muslim fanatics. Read full book review >
THE WRONG DOYLE by Robert Girardi
Released: March 15, 2004

"It's all good, not-so-clean fun, though the suspense suffers from those self-indulgent interpolations."
Buried pirate treasure is the come-on for this tongue-in-cheek yarn about a feisty Virginian and the scurvy knaves ranged against him. Read full book review >
VAPORETTO 13 by Robert Girardi
Released: Oct. 1, 1997

"But the last third, involving a retirement home in Arizona and a new career in Bar Harbor, Maine, ranges far from Venice—and breaks the spell."
An American banker adrift in Venice takes up with an older woman—centuries older—whom he encounters while meandering through the city's labyrinth of back streets, in an erotically charged, dreamlike third novel from Girardi (Madeleine's Ghost, 1995; The Pirate's Daughter, 1997). Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 1997

Riding high on the widespread raves for his delightful debut, Madeleine's Ghost (1995), Girardi offers up a tale of modern pirates and the slave trade that isn't without its charms, though falling well short of the mark left by its predecessor. Read full book review >
MADELEINE'S GHOST by Robert Girardi
Released: July 25, 1995

"The romance in Girardi's first novel has an undeniable sappiness, but entrancing scenes and characters, exquisite timing, and a mausoleum full of plot twists make for a fluid and truly memorable delight."
Corrupted Creole civility complicates the life of a Brooklyn bohemian—in a spirited debut deftly mingling past, present, and the vastly different worldviews of New Orleans and New York. Read full book review >