Books by Rohinton Mistry

FAMILY MATTERS by Rohinton Mistry
Released: Oct. 1, 2002

"Nevertheless, a powerfully lurid picture of Bombay's multiplicity, energy, and squalor is built up with masterly skill. And the characters of Nariman and the Gandhi-inspired Roxana (her father's Cordelia) are not easily forgotten."
A Dickensian sense of the interconnections of place, character, and fate and a powerful rendering of the experience and consequences of aging and bodily decay—such are the great strengths of this absorbing third novel from the Indian-born Canadian resident (A Fine Balance, 1996, etc.). Read full book review >
A FINE BALANCE by Rohinton Mistry
Released: April 25, 1996

"A sweeping story, in a thoroughly Indian setting, that combines Dickens's vivid sympathy for the poor with Solzhenitsyn's controlled outrage, celebrating both the resilience of the human spirit and the searing heartbreak of failed dreams."
From the Toronto-based Mistry (Such a Long Journey, 1991), a splendid tale of contemporary India that, in chronicling the sufferings of outcasts and innocents trying to survive in the ``State of Internal Emergency'' of the 1970s, grapples with the great question of how to live in the face of death and despair. Read full book review >
SUCH A LONG JOURNEY by Rohinton Mistry
Released: April 25, 1991

"A finely textured look at India in a time of upheaval."
A first novel from Mistry (the notable story collection Swimming Lessons, 1989) about a family man in 1971 India who experiences a political scandal firsthand. Read full book review >