Books by Sally Gunning

BOUND by Sally Gunning
Released: April 1, 2008

"Painting in broader strokes this time around, Gunning never adequately integrates her history lesson with the sexual intrigue."
A young indentured servant in pre-Revolutionary War Massachusetts escapes her brutal master and begins a new life on Cape Cod in Gunning's sequel to her well-received The Widow's War (2006). Read full book review >
THE WIDOW’S WAR by Sally Gunning
Released: Feb. 7, 2006

"Gunning (Dirty Water, 2004, etc.) paints the ethical, emotional and financial dilemmas of her refreshingly adult characters in surprisingly lively shades of gray."
Gunning's quietly compelling historical novel places the limited rights of 18th-century New England married women, particularly widows, within the context of a pre-Revolutionary America in which rebellious attitudes toward English rule foment new ideas about freedom and individual rights. Read full book review >