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Sandra Brown is the author of more than 50 New York Times bestsellers, including WHITE HOT (2004), HELLO, DARKNESS (2003), THE CRUSH (2002), ENVY (2001), THE SWITCH (2000), THE ALIBI (1999), UNSPEAKABLE (1998), and FAT TUESDAY (1997), all of which have be

OUTFOX by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 6, 2019

"This thriller about the pursuit of a serial killer suffers from an unpleasant hero and a glacial pace."
An FBI agent is determined to catch a man who bilks and murders wealthy women, but the chase goes slowly. Read full book review >
SEEING RED by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 15, 2017

"As the plot grows more complicated, it also sheds believability, leaving sex and witty banter to carry the day."
Brown (Mean Streak, 2014, etc.) ticks off the boxes that elevate her books to the bestseller lists in this sexy romantic thriller set in Texas. Read full book review >
STING by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 16, 2016

"Brown moves her besieged female characters around to different locations but persists in employing the same tired trope over and over in books saved only by her smooth writing and savvy dialogue chops."
A rock-jawed bad guy and a sexy entrepreneur feel the mutual heat in Brown's latest story of a damsel in distress and her tarnished knight. Read full book review >
A MESSAGE OF LOVE by Sandra Brown
Released: July 29, 2015

"An energetic, interactive guide that encourages Christians to love themselves in order to love others."
A short Christian meditation explores the nature of love and self-love. Read full book review >
MEAN STREAK by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 19, 2014

"Brown's novels share several qualities: They're entertaining, competently written, full of twists and turns, but ultimately forgettable."
The perennially best-selling Brown checks in with another "woman-in-peril–hunky-guy-to-the-rescue" romantic thriller. Read full book review >
DEADLINE by Sandra Brown
Released: Sept. 24, 2013

"Satisfying, vintage Brown storytelling."
A returning war correspondent covering a sensational murder case ends up with more than he bargained for. Read full book review >
LOW PRESSURE by Sandra Brown
Released: Sept. 18, 2012

"A good old-fashioned thriller and a winner, even though the bad guys are sometimes just a little too bad for plausibility."
A bestseller about an old homicide that once dominated the headlines brings a family back together in Brown's thriller set in Texas, Atlanta and New York. Read full book review >
LETHAL by Sandra Brown
Released: Sept. 20, 2011

"Standard Brown fare."
An FBI agent, deep undercover, is the prime suspect in a mass murder and must uncover the corrupt forces behind the killings to clear his name. Read full book review >
TOUGH CUSTOMER by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 12, 2010

"Brown's ear for Texas dialect and her earnest characterizations of cynical lawmen with stout hearts make for an enjoyable summer read."
A manhunt for a homicidal stalker reunites an ex-cop and his long-lost daughter, in Brown's latest thriller (Rainwater, 2009). Read full book review >
RAINWATER by Sandra Brown
Released: Nov. 1, 2009

"Mediocre, but with the author's track record and a pre-Christmas release, how can it fail?"
Megaseller Brown (Smash Cut, 2009, etc.) tries her hand at historical fiction in this slight tale of a Depression-era landlady and her mysterious boarder. Read full book review >
SMASH CUT by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 1, 2009

A rich man is murdered, and suspicion falls on his much-younger mistress and the movie-obsessed nephew who is heir to his fortune. Read full book review >
PLAY DIRTY by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 1, 2007

"Solid, satisfying thriller from the prolific Brown (Ricochet, 2006 etc.)."
Fallen gridiron great, fresh out of prison, reluctantly agrees to impregnate the wife of a disabled millionaire. Read full book review >
PLAY DIRTY by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 1, 2007

"Solid, satisfying thriller from the prolific Brown (Ricochet, 2006 etc.)."
Fallen gridiron great, fresh out of prison, reluctantly agrees to impregnate the wife of a disabled millionaire. Read full book review >
RICOCHET by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 15, 2006

"An able thriller featuring a squared-jawed cop and a shifty dame."
Dedicated Savannah cop finds himself dangerously smitten by a sexy—and married—suspect. Read full book review >
WHITE HOT by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 17, 2004

"Sluggish plot hemmed in by too much backstory and going-through-the-motions prose. Not Brown's best."
Lukewarm thriller from bestselling Brown (Hello, Darkness, 2003, etc.). Read full book review >
HELLO, DARKNESS by Sandra Brown
Released: Oct. 7, 2003

With her latest, Brown (The Crush, 2002) passes fifty-some bongs on the New York Times bestseller list, though her score probably includes paperback reprints as well as hardcovers. Read full book review >
THE CRUSH by Sandra Brown
Released: Oct. 8, 2002

"Pretty good suspenser from the hugely popular Brown (Envy, 2001, etc.)."
Contract killer falls in love with a surgeon. Read full book review >
ENVY by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 28, 2001

"Harmless bedtime stimulant. Not The Aspern Papers."
With over 46 New York Times bestsellers, Brown (The Alibi, 1999, etc. etc.) has few to envy among living authors, nor does the plot of Envy seem based on Brown's shortfall in literary esteem. Her heroine, Maris Matherly-Reed, who heads a highly literary independent publishing house, receives in her slush pile a prologue to a novel she can't refuse. The novel: Envy. And as Maris's pursuit of the slippery author speeds on, we are given additional chapters of Envy as they are being written by Parker Evans, a Georgia island recluse, secretly the bestselling author Mackensie Roone. As it happens, Maris has married Noah Reed, the one-book author of the celebrated The Vanquished, a book actually written and completed by Parker whom Noah let drown at sea. Or so Noah thought. Now Parker tells the true story of Noah's attempted murder, sucking in Maris chapter by chapter when she comes down to Parker's lonely island to urge him on. Read full book review >
STANDOFF by Sandra Brown
Released: May 2, 2000

" True love conquers (almost) all with time-honored predictability, and Brown's many fans will undoubtedly enjoy her latest."
The action takes place in New Mexico, but all the main characters are from Texas, always fertile home ground for perennial bestseller Brown (The Alibi, 1999, etc.). Dallas TV reporter Tiel McCoy, en route to a vacation, takes a detour to look for Sabra Dendy, the daughter of a Texas millionaire who's hotfooted it out of town with her boyfriend, Ronnie Davison. Tiel bumps into the duo as they're holding up a small-town convenience store. Turns out Sabra's not only pregnant but in labor; her baby is delivered by the mysterious "Doc," who proves to be a Dallas oncologist ruined by the unjust accusation that he helped his mortally ill wife commit suicide. Naturally, Tiel falls for Doc. Naturally, Sabra's dad is a creep who sics the FBI on the misguided lovers. Naturally, there's plenty of time for steamy sex in between the flying bullets. Read full book review >
THE ALIBI by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 31, 1999

According to her publisher, Brown (Unspeakable, 1998, etc. etc.) has had 37 titles on the New York Times bestseller lists in the past nine years, some of them reprints of her Texas! trilogy and other earlier works. With her latest weighing in at nearly 500 pages, she's one speedy typist—and as styleless as a Latin dictionary, with meticulously clipped sentences compounded of industrial connectives. Charleston assistant district attorney Hammond Cross unaccountably finds himself at a county fair, where he meets a mysterious woman and saves her from hungry servicemen. She leads him on, then fades into the night. Meanwhile, Charleston's biggest developer and satyr, Lute Petitjohn, is murdered in the Charles Towne Plaza. Lute was the ex—brother-in-law of top detective Rory Smilow, who is investigating the murder and whom sexy assistant county solicitor Steffi Mundell begs to help her land this super—high-profile case. All avenues at last lead to Dr. Alex Ladd, the very woman Hammond was dancing with while the murder occurred. But Hammond can—t reveal he's her alibi without compromising his job as a legal- evidence—gatherer for the city. A story Brown's fans will savor, however charmless its language. (Literary Guild main selection) Read full book review >
UNSPEAKABLE by Sandra Brown
Released: June 10, 1998

Styleless and clichÇ-besotted though the works of the queen of Texas melodrama may be, her last novel—1997's Mardi Gras sleaze extravaganza Fat Tuesday—got a first printing of 500,000 and the nod from two book clubs. Here, convicted killer Carl Herbold escapes from Tucker prison and heads for East Texas. Drifter Jack Sawyer, with whom Herbold has a fatal destiny, has also arrived in East Texas and landed a job at a cattle ranch where deaf widow Anna Corbett and five-year-old son David live with her father-in-law—and where the vile acts of Herbold will be played out. Will Sawyer get "unspeakable" Anna to speak at last? Most Texans who read this will think these pages, with their strong Texas twang singing through, could have dropped from their own mouths. And they did. (Literary Guild main selection; TV satellite tour) Read full book review >
FAT TUESDAY by Sandra Brown
Released: June 12, 1997

Mega-selling Brown (Exclusive, 1996, etc.) returns, this time with a tale of murder, mayhem, and the battle of the sexes set in sleazy, swampy, sweaty New Orleans. Burke Basile is a rare commodity in present-day New Orleans— an honest cop—and when his partner (and closest friend) Kevin Stuart dies during an investigation, his life falls apart. In rapid succession, he leaves his wife Barbara (with whom he's never really been in love), quits his job at the NOPD, and vows to seek revenge on the man he blames for Kevin's death: prominent defense attorney/crime-lord Pinkie Duvall. Basile decides that the surest way to get at Pinkie, who's probably the best connected, most protected hard-core criminal in the Big Easy, is through his beautiful wife Remy, whom Pinkie rescued from a life of squalor and poverty and transformed into his own private plaything. But behind the facade, Remy has a mind of her own and a reason for tolerating her husband: As long as she's with him, she can care for the only person she's ever loved, her younger sister Flarra. After a crazy hoax—involving a child molester named Gregory who owes Basile a favor—Basile ends up in hiding with Remy, whom he's kidnapped, at his secluded, rustic cottage. Meanwhile, back in the city, Pinkie and his stooge Wayne Bardo are on a rampage, determined to find Basile and Remy and, now that Remy's been ``tainted'' by her association—even against her will—with another man, to kill them both. In isolation, Basile and Remy find that they have a lot more in common than a hatred of Pinkie, and by the time the situation comes to its inevitable conclusion, plenty of heads have rolled. No surprises here, but Brown's readers will find this Mardi Gras extravaganza more than satisfying. (First printing of 500,000; Literary Guild main selection/Doubleday Book Club selection) Read full book review >
EXCLUSIVE by Sandra Brown
Released: July 5, 1996

A beach-bag shoo-in: With trademark zing and vigor, Brown (Charade, 1994, etc.) takes on the White House. Television newswoman Barrie Travis is surprised by an out-of- the-blue call from First lady Vanessa Merritt (an old schoolmate) asking her to meet for lunch at an off-the-beaten-path Washington cafe. Even more surprising is Vanessa's strange manner and suggestive conversation at the rendezvous, leading Barrie to suspect that the recent death of Robert Rushton Merritt, the President and Vanessa's only son, may be more of a mystery than it seemed when it was splashed all over the evening news as a classic case of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Barrie knows for sure that she's on to something when the president's smarmy right-hand man, Spencer Martin, starts eliminating her sources and following her tracks; with the help of her best friend Daily, an ex-reporter, and Gray Bondurant, a war hero and former aide to the president who escaped the crooked administration for the wilds of Colorado, Barrie launches a full-scale investigation in search of the answer America doesn't even know it doesn't know: What really happened to the First Son, and just how corrupt are the dashing young president and his lovely, grieving wife? The search uncovers more dirt and danger than Barrie, Daily, or even Gray had imagined, and Barrie's sleazy boss Howie Fripp is more of a hindrance than a help. But, of course, it's not just the mystery that preoccupies Barrie, whose first encounter with the dashing Gray is unforgettable; in the final pages, Brown nails a clever plot twist that will surprise all but the most suspicious of readers. A fine pick for an election year: Brown knows her terrain and has produced a lively, gripping read. (First printing of 350,000; Literary Guild main selection; author tour) Read full book review >
THE WITNESS by Sandra Brown
Released: July 5, 1995

Brown's romantic suspense/adventures (Charade, 1994, etc.) are sharpening in pace and punch, as evidenced in this tale of a public defender, a young mother, who sees something unspeakable in the South Carolina woods. In a freak car accident, a female passenger lies dead, while lawyer Kendall Deaton and her three-month-old son, Kevin, are alive and well. Also saved—rescued (regretfully) by Kendall—is husband Matt, now lame and amnesiac. As Kendall sneaks from the hospital, followed by Matt, flashbacks tell part of her story. Kendall had been granted the job of public defender in the small town of Prosper, South Carolina, where she met and married handsome Matt Burnwood, with the enthusiastic support of his jovial father, Gibb. Here and there, Kendall detects whiffs of something nasty about town (a cruel hog killing is a night's entertainment; a local knuckle-dragger whom Kendall defends is given an unusually severe sentence and dies), but she's reasonably content and delighted to find that she's pregnant. Then two events open her eyes—wide: Matt's erotic reunion with an old flame, and the truly horrible something she stumbles across in the woods. Kendall makes the mistake of rushing in to inform the local FBI agent—and now, marked as witness, she's on the road. How long will her ``husband'' remember? What of their former love-life? There's an unexpected meshing of emotional and erotic compulsions before the baddies slime their way to the Tennessee hideout to murder and proclaim. The Calvary comes in the nick, thanks to Kendall's pal Ricki Sue, a jolly nymph who ties up two naked Prosper locals by their pant legs. And in the switch of identities: Who's the real FBI agent? The real Matt Burnwood? The real Kendall Deaton? With identity puzzles and a chase, plus all the grue and woo: an entertainment bound for bestsellerdom. (First printing of ??; Literary Guild main selection; author tour) Read full book review >
CHARADE by Sandra Brown
Released: May 2, 1994

The queen of Texas melodrama takes metaphor perhaps a step too far as she pits her heart-transplant-patient heroine against a serial killer obsessed with stopping her new heart. Having as a child survived Hodgkin's disease, her parents' double suicide, and life in a series of substandard foster homes, feisty redhead Cat Delaney is more than able to wisecrack her way through a heart transplant operation at the peak of her career. Famous as a star of the television soap opera Passages, Cat experiences both a literal and figurative change of heart after her surgery, abruptly opting to drop her acting career, move to San Antonio, and create a local news segment aimed at matching abandoned children with good adoptive homes. She breaks off an affair with Dr. Dean Spicer, her wealthy cardiologist, and falls madly in love with Alex Pierce (``His tongue was nimble, his appetite carnal''), a Houston cop turned mystery writer whose sudden appearance in her life may not be coincidental. When newspaper articles describing murders of other heart transplantees begin appearing in Cat's mailbox, she realizes she's being stalked by a lunatic obsessed with stilling the heart of a loved one who may or may not be her donor. As the anniversary of Cat's transplant nears, the threat of violence grows greater. But from which direction comes the danger?: From her hostile secretary, possibly related to a woman who was murdered on the day of her transplant? From the stepfather of one of Cat's orphan clients, whose greatest rival may have been Cat's donor? Or (horrors) from sexy Alex, whose past holds more secrets than she could ever guess? Highly schematic and hastily sketched, this nevertheless provides a satisfying dose of Brown's (Where There's Smoke, 1993, etc.) famously raunchy sex scenes (`` `I want to know I'm with a man. I want to be taken. I want—' `You want to be fucked.' ''), and a certain raw enthusiasm that will no doubt increase her legion of fans. (First printing of 300,000; Literary Guild main selection) Read full book review >
Released: May 7, 1993

More frustrated passion, political scandal, and true Texas grit from Brown—this featuring the simmering love-hate bond between cool, beautiful Dr. Laura Mallory and the savage blue-eyed younger brother of the politician whose life she reputedly destroyed. The mystery is why Dr. Mallory set up practice in Eden Pass, Texas, in the first place. The focus of a national scandal when she was photographed years before being escorted in her nightgown from young Senator Clark Tackett's Virginia home by her husband, Ambassador Randall Porter, Mallory and Porter were summarily banished to the no-account Caribbean nation of Montesangre—where Porter and their baby daughter were murdered in a rebel ambush, while Tackett drowned in a Texas fishing accident that may have been a suicide. Mallory returned to the States to find her professional name permanently sullied and, in desperation, accepted the modest doctor's home and office that a remorseful Tackett had deeded her in his tiny hometown of Eden Pass. Predictably, Mallory is shunned by a community ruled by Tackett's mother, Jody, the iron-willed widowed dowager of Tackett Oil and Gas. But the beautiful doctor accepts the situation, living meekly off her savings until Tackett's reckless, handsome younger brother, Key, returns from the Middle East. Then she goes to work to convince Key—who is, naturally, torn between loathing the good doctor and wanting to tear off her clothes—to fly her to Montesangre to locate the site of her daughter's grave. Murder, terror, dark hints of concealed homosexuality, and the shocking resurrection of husband Porter follow as the backdrop to Mallory and Key's romance (``I don't want to be one of Key Tackett's women.'' ``Yes, you do. Tonight you do''), making for an unusually perilous and gruesome journey toward marriage and a house on the lake. More sophisticated than Brown's Texas! books, this mainstream romance could well expand her already enormous readership. (First printing of 250,000; Literary Guild Dual Selection for Spring) Read full book review >
THE SILKEN WEB by Sandra Brown
Released: Oct. 9, 1992

A first hardcover of a novel that was available for a short time ten years ago—published then, as Brown (French Silk, p. 267, etc.) tells us, under the pseudonym of Laura Jordan. Why a reissue? ``After rereading The Silken Web,'' the author herself ``found it so compelling that she decided to update the novel stylistically''- -i.e., to revise it for ``today's market.'' The story follows the loves and perils of nature-loving Kathleen, who, at the start, has given up her high-stress—plus sexually harassing—job as a fashion buyer in Atlanta to work as a counselor at a summer camp for orphans. The love interest/complication appears soon enough—here, in the form of ``blond hunk'' photographer Erik Gudjonsen. The result is totally predictable—as is the course of this novel in which ``none of the romance and sensuality that characterized [the] earlier work has been sacrificed.'' Read full book review >
FRENCH SILK by Sandra Brown
Released: May 8, 1992

The queen of mail-order lingerie is the prime suspect in the search for the murderer of a loathsome evangelist. Brown (Texas! Chase, and Texas! Sage, etc.) finds New Orleans predictably steamy. French Silk, the hugely successful peekaboo lingerie catalog business, is awfully like the real-life peekaboo lingerie empire of Victoria's Secret; but instead of being run by an Ohio zillionaire, French Silk is the brainchild of Claire Laurent, a pretty Louisiana enterpreneuse, the only child of a genteelly disturbed New Orleans society belle and an Unnamed Father. For allegedly pandering to the lust of American manhood, French Silk and Miss Laurent have been for some time on the hit list of televangelist Jack Wilde. It is no surprise, then, that New Orleans assistant district attorney Robert Cassidy steers the investigation of Wilde's murder in Miss Laurent's direction. She's not the only suspect, of course. Wilde's white-trash wife and sensitive son had been exploring their step- relationship to an unhealthy extent. And Claire's pistol-packing supermodel business partner was carrying on an illicit affair with a handsome local congressman in the same neighborhood as the crime. And Claire's mamma has these disturbin' blackouts. Miss Laurent, however, seems to have the most strikes against her, and Mr. Cassidy follows her everywhere, his investigation immensely complicated by his lust for the suspect. The feeling is mutual. Glamorous lighting and soft-edged photography fail to disguise the paperback-romance roots of a totally unsurprising whodunit. (Literary Guild Dual Selection for June) Read full book review >
TEXAS! SAGE by Sandra Brown
Released: Aug. 1, 1991

Cowboys, horses and tough-talking blondes duke it out in this feisty conclusion to former television weatherperson Brown's lowbrow TEXAS! trilogy—this featuring the spoiled youngest daughter of the Dallas-like Tyler clan and her passionate search for love. She's young. She's headstrong. She's Texan, and she's blond. But she's also a virgin, and in this world where women like their men ``buck naked,'' inexperienced females like Sage Tyler can't be expected to know their own minds. Just graduated from the University of Texas with an MBA, this youngest heir of the temporarily-out-of-pocket Tyler oil family (little sister to the two previous books' male heroes, Chase and Lucky) is jilted by her snobbish upper-crust fiancÇ on Christmas Eve. Outraged, the family spitfire hides the news from her older brothers while she plots her revenge. But Harlan Boyd, the long, lean hired-hand-with-a- mysterious-past just taken on at Tyler Drilling, learns Sage's secret and can't resist teasing her about it now and then. Sage hates being teased. But she loves Harlan's blue eyes and the way his jeans fit just right. Hates his power over her. But loves him in bed. Hates him. Loves him. Hates him. Loves him. Through business crises, a family baby boomlet, and a desperate swing across Texas—in which Sage and Harlan try to sell remodeled oil- well pumps to farmers as irrigation pumps—Sage tussles with this smooth-talking inappropriate male until his past is exposed and Harlan is revealed to be ``loaded with a capital L''—rich enough to save Tyler Drilling and marry Sage—rhinestones, shoulder-pads, and all. Brown manages better with this female protagonist than with the male-animal lobotomy cases in TEXAS! CHASE, but bedroom dialogue that starts with ``Oh, what the hell?'' and culminates in ``Damn, Sage'' ain't for everyone. Read full book review >
TEXAS! CHASE by Sandra Brown
Released: Feb. 1, 1990

The second in a trilogy of Lone Star melodramas (after Texas! Lucky—not reviewed) featuring the off-rich Tyler family—this time scrambling to survive the oil bust of the 1980's. Paralyzed by grief when his pregnant wife is killed in a car accident while househunting with Marcie Johns, a local real-estate agent, Chase Tyler does what any good Texas oil man would do—he drowns his sorrows in whiskey, honky-tonks, and buxom blondes. Because virile young Chase's grief is particularly great, he also feels obliged to hook up with a rodeo, where he is soon trampled by a bull and shipped off to a hospital bed. Marcie Johns, who happens to have been in the rodeo audience when Chase was hurt, and who happens to have been in love with Chase since the two were teenagers, gallantly pays his hospital bill and returns this mere shell of a Texan to the welcoming arms of the Tyler clan. Just in time, too. Brother Lucky, sister Sage, and mother Laurie hope Chase will be able to revive Tyler Drilling before it goes belly-up in the current oil bust. Though Chase does his best, failure looms—until Marcie offers to invest her considerable savings in the company if Chase will marry her. (After all, she reasons, marrying the man she loves in name only is better than not having him at all. Besides, Marcie is 35 and single, and people are starting to talk.) Chase reluctantly agrees to the arrangement, thus dooming the reader to an endless series of marital spats, fumbled bedroom encounters, and romantic misunderstandings before the bride and groom fall predictably into one another's arms. "I like your. . .your thing," Chase says early on, gesturing at Marcie's peignoir. Hardly the stuff of romantic! fantasy. Read full book review >