Books by Scott Phillips

ST. LOUIS NOIR by Scott Phillips
Released: Aug. 2, 2016

"Phillips' collection eschews the professional: readers will search in vain for flatfeet, gumshoes, or other traditional noir heroes. Just plain old folks being plain old ornery in this spirited, black-hearted collection."
Joining Seattle, Memphis, Phoenix, and other noir outposts, St. Louis gets a turn to show its dark side in Phillips' collection of 13 dark tales and a poetic interlude. Read full book review >
COTTONWOOD by Scott Phillips
Released: Feb. 1, 2004

"The blazingly original Phillips (The Walkway, 2002, etc.) writes with deadpan humor and incisive irony. The story is shaggy, but its unique slant on the Old West is a major achievement."
Frontier Guignol in post-Civil War Kansas and California of the 1870s and '80s. Read full book review >
THE WALKAWAY by Scott Phillips
Released: Aug. 1, 2002

Phillips returns to Wichita, Kansas, the scene of the darkly hilarious crimes of The Ice Harvest (2000), to spin out undreamed-of details of what happened long before and long after. Read full book review >
THE ICE HARVEST by Scott Phillips
Released: Oct. 31, 2000

"In showing what it's really like on a cold night when God and Santa Claus are both watching, Phillips provides the perfect corrective to all those treacly seasonal fables that get left under Christmas trees by the gross."
One thing's for sure: This tale of a halfhearted embezzler struggling to escape from town (Wichita, Kansas) with his ill-gotten gains is not your average Christmas Eve story. Read full book review >