Books by Sergio Chejfec

THE INCOMPLETES by Sergio Chejfec
Released: Sept. 24, 2019

"In this innovative novel, Chejfec is gesturing toward the grand European traditions on his own terms."
A novel of lonesomeness and recollection that takes the construction of characters as its subject. Read full book review >
THE DARK by Sergio Chejfec
Released: Oct. 15, 2013

"A wistful, winding contemplation of that long dark night of the soul."
In this novel from Chejfec (The Planets, 2012, etc.), originally published in 2000 in the author's native Argentina, a man remembers his relationship with a factory worker whose life was different from his own. Read full book review >
MY TWO WORLDS by Sergio Chejfec
Released: Aug. 16, 2011

"A short but penetrating novel about coexisting in the material world and the world of thought."
During long walks through an unfamiliar Brazilian city, where he is attending a literary conference, an Argentine novelist free-associates on the nature of writing, memory, surroundings and human interaction. Read full book review >