Books by Simon Plaster

FLICKS by Simon Plaster
Released: Feb. 20, 2018

"A sometimes-haphazard tale but one with insightful moments."
Plaster (News, 2016, etc.) presents a comical novel concerning a lost film of Marilyn Monroe. Read full book review >
HMMM? by Simon Plaster
Released: Aug. 27, 2016

"A humorous take on genre conventions in which the farce overtakes the mystery."
An Oklahoma reporter and a fairly novice shamus work a case involving presumed adultery and a strong possibility of murder in Plaster's (Boobs, 2015, etc.) sendup of traditional whodunits. Read full book review >
BOOBS by Simon Plaster
Released: Dec. 8, 2015

"A zany, if sometimes-excessive, novel that makes a mockery of many topical issues."
Plaster (Ticks, 2014, etc.) offers a satirical novel about political correctness in America.Read full book review >
Released: July 4, 2012

"Good for a chuckle, though as its title implies, a muddle, perhaps more accurately reflecting the political system it seeks to satire than the author intended."
A satirical send-up of everyone involved in American politics—the Electoral College, journalists, Democrats, Republicans, and especially the South—poking fun at a culture that takes itself too seriously, from an author who doesn't. Read full book review >