Books by Stephen Kelman

MAN ON FIRE by Stephen Kelman
Released: Feb. 16, 2016

"While the book offers some fine prose and observations of Indian life, it's also marked by clunky stretches and an awkward seriousness that suggests a writer still trying to sort out his thoughts."
Two men pursuing different paths in their searches for redemption come together in Mumbai in a strange East-meets-West collision. Read full book review >
PIGEON ENGLISH by Stephen Kelman
Released: July 19, 2011

"Even a kid as feisty and ingratiating as Harri can overstay his welcome. A pity, because brief snatches of his embryonic wit, street smarts and survival instincts are about as hutious as it gets."
A charming narrative voice energizes this lively first novel, which has brought enthusiastic reviews, healthy sales and a movie contract to its young British author. Read full book review >