Books by Stephen Solomita

DANCER IN THE FLAMES by Stephen Solomita
Released: Feb. 1, 2013

"Solomita, who made his bones as a noir stylist (Angel Face, 2011, etc.), keeps the sex as gritty as the violence. By the fade-out, you may feel in need of a hot shower."
A nothingburger murder committed by an associate leads Brooklyn police detective Boots Littlewood into a wild maze of felonies past and present. Read full book review >
ANGEL FACE by Stephen Solomita
Released: Dec. 1, 2011

"Solomita (Mercy Killing, 2010, etc.) serves up a spare, fast, unlikely noir romance that turns out to be highly entertaining."
A gorgeous high-class prostitute and a cold-blooded killer meet cute. Read full book review >
MERCY KILLING by Stephen Solomita
Released: May 1, 2010

"Solomita (Cracker Bling, 2009, etc.) is a better stylist than plotter. But it's so seldom that a good jolt of noir enlivens a classic whodunit that he deserves full marks for a mostly successful melding."
Who killed Joyce Hauptman, her husband or her father? Read full book review >
CRACKER BLING by Stephen Solomita
Released: March 1, 2009

"The writing, the plotting and a cast of fully fleshed characters make this a nice, shivery walk on the dark side."
Solomita (Monkey in the Middle, 2008, etc.) reexamines the shibboleth having to do with crime and the lack of payment thereof. Read full book review >
MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE by Stephen Solomita
Released: Aug. 1, 2008

"Lean and mean. When he's on form, as he is here, Solomita (Damaged Goods, 1996, etc.) does hard-boiled noir with the best of them."
A racketeer, a hit man and a bent cop form a homicidal ménage à trois. Read full book review >
DAMAGED GOODS by Stephen Solomita
Released: Jan. 1, 1996

"Solomita ladles on the double-crosses, the casual killings, the sexual perversions—but despite the constant threats of mayhem and S&M, his monstrous circus bogs down in one chargeable felony after another."
Solomita, evidently tired of messing around in his last two thrillers with substitutes for battle-scarred Stanley Moodrow (A Piece of the Action, 1992, etc.), ex-cop turned p.i., returns to what he does most—in this volcanic, lumbering mano a mano a mano. Read full book review >
LAST CHANCE FOR GLORY by Stephen Solomita
Released: Sept. 1, 1994

"Witty, sincere, boorishly sentimental."
Solomita (A Good Day to Die, not reviewed) depicts a New York City where the bad guys are tough, but the good guys are tougher...and make better wisecracks. Read full book review >
A GOOD DAY TO DIE by Stephen Solomita
Released: Nov. 1, 1993

"Brisk, manly fare whose leather-hearted hero deserves an encore—as does the still venerable Moodrow."
A sinewy thriller that's no doubt a kickoff—a steel-toed one- -to a new NYPD series by Solomita, whose Stanley Moodrow novels (A Piece of the Action, 1992, etc.) have lost a little edge. Read full book review >
A PIECE OF THE ACTION by Stephen Solomita
Released: July 17, 1992

"Series fans already will know that Moodrow wins this battle, but Solomita's energetic evocation of the bad old days of New York's finest will keep them nailed to the page right up to the foregone conclusion."
Intense police melodrama, circa 1957, as Solomita takes his hulking cop-hero Stanley Moodrow (Bad to the Bone, 1991, etc.) back to his early, troubled days on the job. Read full book review >
BAD TO THE BONE by Stephen Solomita
Released: May 31, 1991

"Strong, swift, and sure, but lacking the pervasive humanity and poetry of the streets that made Force of Nature (1989) a crime-thriller classic."
Rebounding from last year's lackluster foray into Queens (Forced Entry), Stanley Moodrow returns to his colorful home turf of the Lower East Side (A Twist of the Knife, Force of Nature) for an exciting crime melodrama that pits the aging cop-turned- p.i. against a diabolical drug-dealer and his super-addictive designer drug, PURE. Read full book review >