Books by Ted Staunton

POV  by Ted Staunton
Released: Oct. 10, 2017

"A snooze. (Fiction. 12-16)"
A teen filmmaker struggles to complete a music video. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 7, 2017

"A clever bit of conflict resolution, nonviolent and broadly applicable. (Picture book. 6-8)"
On a rainy week of vacation, Harry finds a way to loosen his bossy big sister's grip on playtime scenarios. Read full book review >
SPEED by Ted Staunton
Released: Sept. 20, 2016

"An average mystery for an uncertain audience. (Mystery. 8-12)"
A budding filmmaker finds opportunity and mystery on a camping trip with his family. Read full book review >
CODA by Ted Staunton
Released: Oct. 1, 2014

"This clever spy adventure features a likable hero and bursts with enough film references to satisfy all but the most hard-core movie buffs. (Mystery. 10-14)"
When 16-year-old Spencer's cousins decide to investigate their mysterious grandfather, Spencer is not sure he wants any part of it. But when his brother, Bunny, is kidnapped by a radical political faction from the tiny backward nation of Pianvia, he quickly finds he is involved, like it or not. Read full book review >
MORGAN ON ICE by Ted Staunton
Released: March 1, 2014

"An amusing combination of grade school frustrations and slightly screwball responses. (Fiction. 6-9)"
Aldeen cruises through life like a monster truck: She crashes into everyone and has little concern for how her take-no-prisoners attitude affects people. So when Aldeen invites Morgan to accompany her and her grandmother to Princesses On Ice and his mother says he has to go, he's less than thrilled. Read full book review >
WHO I'M NOT by Ted Staunton
Released: Oct. 1, 2013

A teen con artist confronts the haunted past of a torn Canadian family. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2013

"A good choice for transitioning readers looking for a splash of humor. (Fiction. 6-9)"
Life as a third-grader can be very trying…. Read full book review >
JUMP CUT by Ted Staunton
Released: Oct. 10, 2012

"Muddled but entertaining story with a heart of gold. (Fiction. 10-14)"
Grandfather's will sends a 17-year-old boy on a zany adventure. Read full book review >
MUSIC BY MORGAN by Ted Staunton
Released: March 1, 2011

When his parents sign him up for floor hockey, which he hates, third-grader Morgan hesitatingly agrees to his friend Aldeen's plan to switch roles. She will play hockey and he will take piano lessons. Their masquerade is difficult to sustain. This is the author's tenth book about chunky Morgan, his athletic friend Charlie and Aldeen, "the Godzilla of Grade Three," characters who will feel familiar even to those who have not read the other stories. In this first-person, plot-driven narrative, told in mostly believable dialogue, Aldeen and Morgan get into increasingly difficult situations, moving toward the point when their deception is revealed and Morgan's parents capitulate, letting him continue with music. The setting is generic—a house with a driveway and basement, a schoolyard and the community center. This is part of the Canadian publisher's First Novels nine aimed at early readers ready for something slightly more substantial. The print is good-sized and heavily leaded; vocabulary is breezy and appropriate. "Aldeen's eyes go all squinchy. ‘Then I'll smoosh you into a hockey puck.' " Each of the ten short chapters includes one full-page black-and-white cartoon illustration. These effectively portray the characters and highlight important moments. These provide accessible, comfortable stories for students who've moved beyond early readers but are not ready for much greater length or more complexity. (Fiction. 6-9)Read full book review >
ACTING UP by Ted Staunton
Released: Nov. 1, 2010

Sam, age 15, struggles to be "mature" in this engaging comedy. He lives in a small Canadian town where everyone knows everyone else, but Sam will soon learn that even small-town scrutiny can overlook little quirks. Everything goes wrong with Sam's plans, starting when he's assigned to "mother" a mechanical baby doll that cries at the drop of a hat and must find a way to play drums for the most important gig his band ever has booked while also trying to comfort the doll. No matter how mature he tries to be, Sam keeps getting into more and more trouble. Filled with such colorful secondary characters as the middle-aged couple who open a sex shop, Sam's dangerously rebellious girlfriend, Martha, and the famous writer who keeps Sam at his beck and call, the story gallops along with disaster after disaster for the hapless Sam, who tries so hard to do his best. While maturity may remain elusive for Sam, readers won't have any trouble finding laughs in this sly, wining tale. Chuckles galore. (Fiction. 14 & up)Read full book review >