Books by Teryl Euvremer

TOBY, WHO ARE YOU? by William Steig
Released: June 1, 2004

The late Steig follows Toby, Where Are You? (1997) and Toby, What Are You? (2000) with similarly imagination-stretching family interaction. Out for a picnic, and with his indulgent parents once again playing along, Toby impersonates a bat and a bull, a chameleon, an owl, and other creatures. Euvremer's fuzzy-edged, low-contrast scenes of a trio of smiling, clothed coatimundis in woodsy settings exude a laid-back coziness that seems at odds with the text's characteristically trenchant tone—" ‘Who is that now, slithering out of your basket?' wonders Toby's father. ‘Help!' screams his mother. ‘I think that's a cobra!' The creature hisses, spits and snarls"—but the dissonance rescues the episode from being just a remake of Louis Slobodkin's Magic Michael (1944) and its descendants. (Picture book. 5-7)Read full book review >
TOBY, WHAT ARE YOU? by William Steig
Released: May 31, 2001

Steig is a master—if not the master—of turning on the endearment juices without getting sloppy about it. That's because his artwork has just the right touch of the jughead to give the drollery an eccentric edge. Take away that marriage of word and art and you have, for instance, this book, a real cuddlefest, but not the kind of dance that steals your breath away. Steig's strange world enwraps readers from the first sentence: "Arriving home one day, Toby's father is surprised to see his son lying facedown by the door." What gives? Toby's pretending to be a doormat. Each two-page spread thereafter finds Toby striking some curious pose and asking his parents to guess what he is. A turnip? No, a bag of dirty laundry. A fish trapped in a net? Nope, a plate of spaghetti. A knot? Wrong again, a pair of scissors. Toby and his parents are weasels with great dewy eyes, drawn with a soft dreaminess, so that their being winsome in the extreme is a foregone conclusion. They're also not a touch vapid. While this follow-up to Toby, Where Are You? (1997) has doubtless appeal, this one isn't as clever as the first and the longevity of that appeal is not so indubitable. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
TOBY, WHERE ARE YOU? by William Steig
Released: Feb. 28, 1997

From early sunlit morning to candlelit evening, Toby's parents search for him throughout the house. It's all very cozy: They know he's hiding, and they're playing the game with him. Toby is in every picture—behind the fish tank, in the pantry, under the rug. When his parents finally give up, Toby leaps out from under the table, and gets "quite a few kisses." Shown in a fuzzy kind of stippled color, this home is one any child might envy: dragons on the toy chest; sunflowers on the headboard; lively patterns on the rugs; and a profusion of plants, books, and playthings. The house and accoutrements have a vaguely Victorian feel, reflected in the mother's floor-length floral dress—although the father might be wearing Hush Puppies. The family, marmoset- or meerkat-like mammals, have furry features and long tails, which seem right for this soft-focus read-aloud. It's a charmer, for a younger audience than Steig's usual. (Picture book. 3-5)Read full book review >