Books by Timothy Ashby

Time Fall by Timothy Ashby
Released: Feb. 15, 2013

"History buffs will delight in the World War II backdrop, but the book's action, style and unremitting pace make it a triumph across-the-board."
Author Ashby's (Devil's Den, 2011) historical actioner follows six U.S. Army Rangers who jump from an aircraft in 1945 and travel nearly 70 years by the time they hit the ground. Read full book review >
DEVIL'S DEN by Timothy Ashby
Released: March 21, 2011

"Real people, real events and the still-charged reverberations of the Civil War provide a provocative framework for a 1920s-era mystery neatly told with meticulous historical detail and enjoyable twists."
In a mystery by former U.S. Department of Commerce official Ashby, the 1923 murder of a Civil War veteran leaves a trail of conspiracy, cover-up and corruption stretching from the Battle of Gettysburg to the halls of the Harding-era Congress and the fledgling Bureau of Investigation (precursor to the FBI). Read full book review >
In Shadowland by Timothy Ashby

"A highly readable series installment that weaves real-world history into a deft, dynamic historical thriller."
In this suspenseful mix of fact and fiction, a disillusioned agent for the Bureau of Investigation journeys to post-World War I France and Germany to search for the remains of Theodore Roosevelt's war-hero son. Read full book review >