Books by Tom Sniegoski

Released: Feb. 28, 2017

"A thrilling, imaginative, and lurid illustrated novel that lovingly embraces the genre that inspired it."
When he's saved from an early death by a mad scientist, an orphan takes up the mantle of death in Prohibition-era America. Read full book review >
QUEST FOR THE SPARK by Tom Sniegoski
Released: Jan. 1, 2013

The lovably motley questing crew returns for their final stand against the looming powers of the Nacht.

Young turnip farmer-cum-hero Tom Elm has finally reached the arduous apex of his journey: The scattered pieces of the Spark are quickly coming together, as are all of the beings needed to complete his epic quest. A charmingly quirky assortment of dragons, animals, a warrior, Bones and a shape-shifting forest spirit must work together to save the fate of their world. They must keep the horrible dragon named the Nacht from taking over the realm and shrouding all they know in permanent, nightmarish blackness. This is no simple feat, and they must battle truly frightening foes on their way to the final showdown: a colony of possessed, bloodthirsty giant bats that have enslaved most of a human tribe. This final volume does not disappoint, twisting and turning rapidly to a wholly satisfying—although quickly resolved—conclusion. The Bone universe has smoothly spread out from a serialized graphic-novel epic to a thrill-ride prose trilogy, an accomplishment not often seen nor executed so well. Fear not, fans: A new Bone adventure is not-so-subtly hinted at as this installment draws to a close.

Thrills, chills, twists and turns, this series ender offers it all. (Fantasy. 9-13)Read full book review >
QUEST FOR THE SPARK by Tom Sniegoski
Released: Feb. 1, 2012

"A nimble, expertly paced middle-grade adventure yarn. (Fantasy/adventure. 9 & up)"
The Bone universe proves that it can still expand without spreading thin. Read full book review >
QUEST FOR THE SPARK by Tom Sniegoski
Released: Feb. 1, 2011

Bone fans, rejoice: Beloved creator Smith has once again teamed up with Sniegoski (Tall Tales, 2010) for this illustrated novel, the first of a trilogy. Picking up where the Bone graphic novels left off, it introduces readers to young Tom, who comes from turnip-farming stock and is an unsure hero about to embark on a new quest. Guided by visions, Tom and his raccoon friend Roderick (who keen readers may remember from earlier volumes) join up with a family of Bones, a Veni-Yan priest and, yes, some stupid, stupid rat creatures to fight against the nefarious Nacht, a sinister force that has left the Valley trapped in a nightmarish, soporific stupor. For those unfamiliar with the earlier Bone works, this is a fine jumping-in point; well-acquainted aficionados should relish the chance for yet another romp. Sniegoski navigates well within Smith's carefully constructed world, although inevitably this prose-with-illustrations format has a different feel than the graphic works. However, this transition is easily abetted by the adept storytelling, making this one of those very rare creatures: a successful graphic series-to-novel translation. (Fantasy/adventure. 9 & up)Read full book review >