Books by Vladimir Solovyov

Released: July 1, 1995

"An insightful and disturbing examination of a dictator-in-the- wings and the creation of a Russian form of fascism."
A close-up look at the most popular figure within the social and political chaos that is today's Russia. Read full book review >
BORIS YELTSIN by Vladimir Solovyov
Released: March 30, 1992

"Often disjointed and disorganized, as if hastily prepared, but providing remarkable insight into the conflicts in the Soviet Union and the quality of the man who has been called upon to deal with them."
An intriguing and potentially controversial biography of the new President of Russia, by husband-and-wife Russian ÇmigrÇs Solovyov and Klepikova (Behind the High Kremlin Walls, 1986; Yuri Andropov, 1983). Read full book review >