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Edgar Award-winner Walter Sorrells is the author of a dozen novels. His most recent novel, The Body Box -- written under the pseudonym Lynn Abercrombie -- features a pair of detectives from the cold case unit of the Atanta Police Department. Sorrells al

ERRATUM by Walter Sorrells
Released: Oct. 1, 2008

This careening fantasy admixes two outsider seventh-graders, a mutable book, theoretical physics, renascent magic, battles of will and destiny's role—plotted elaborately enough to make the drowsiest Potterite awaken. Jessica has long thought "something in her life was out of whack…that needed to be fixed." She and stalwart Dale undergo dizzying adventures in their classist, sausage-factory town and its mysteriously enormous library. A cast of enigmatic, prescient adults parcels out advice as Jessica juggles possession of Her Lif (or, Her Life), a seeming biography (cum erratum) of her own existence, and key to her role in no less than saving the world. As Her Lif changes hands, a megalomaniac magician with political chops schemes for ultimate control, using arcane knowledge to cow the populace and warp space and time. Add several utterly enigmatic characters—a tiny, wizened man, huge dog Cerberus and a menacing, expanding orb of dark energy. Season with the turnabout fortunes of Jessica and Dale, and you've got, if not a perfectly honed fantasy (its resolution bristles with dei ex machinis), at least a rollicking, breakneck affair with—surprise!—an intimated sequel. (Fantasy. 9-12)Read full book review >
FIRST SHOT by Walter Sorrells
Released: Sept. 1, 2007

David Crandall thinks his father murdered his mother in this taut but rather trite boarding-school thriller. David is the scion of a famous family that has always dominated his excessively tough military school, at which his possibly criminal father serves as headmaster. An excellent shot, David dreams of winning the school's black-powder rifle-shooting contest. While simultaneously rebelling against Dad and investigating Mom's murder, David embroils himself and his friends in deep danger. Standard-issue characters include the love interest, Misty, a gorgeous girl shooter even better than David; Leo, his trailer-trash best friend; and the customary evil rich guy. Plenty of action leads to some indecisive results, as when David believes Leo has been killed but does nothing about it. Sorrells doesn't even solve the central mystery, leaving Mom's murder to speculation. Still, he packs in plenty of action for a fun read. Exciting but ultimately unsatisfying. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >
THE SILENT ROOM by Walter Sorrells
Released: June 1, 2006

With a plot that mirrors April Henry's rather shallow Shock Point (February 2006), Sorrells delivers a more convincing portrait of a teen victimized by a new stepfather and placed in a school that is a virtual prison, complete with torture. Sorrells frames the story in the form of letters written by "Oz" to his dead father. Oz's mom marries a vicious, controlling man who appears to be trying to get rid of the boy. When he sends Oz to a school for troubled youth, Oz learns that there is even more to the plan, and that not only he but all his fellow students are in mortal danger. While some plot points stretch credulity a bit, as one expects in suspense stories, nevertheless the story zooms along with real suspense and pace. Oz's character moves toward maturity as he takes charge of his own life. This one's a thriller that really thrills. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >
CLUB DREAD by Walter Sorrells
Released: March 1, 2006

Music, murder, car chases and a secret society get blended together as this thriller series continues. Sixteen-year old Chass and her Mom, on the run from the evil corporate magnate Kyle Van Epps, are installed in San Francisco where Chass witnesses a murder. Chass, a brilliant singer, has just met pop star Josh when he's shot in front of her. When the cops hone in on her as the only suspect despite clear forensic evidence that proves her innocence, Chass decides to solve the crime herself by infiltrating a secret, elite club of loathsome teenagers. Meanwhile, she starts a band and plays gigs with her new friends as she escapes from police and other unsavory characters. Murder suspects sprout like fungi throughout the book, but the absurdly contrived solution simply keeps the series alive. Still, plenty of action gets the story moving. For fans and thrill seekers. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 11, 2002

"'Real life ain't an Agatha Christie novel,' Miles sagely tells Charley after the final bell. And this case, which saves all its surprises and reversals for the very last minute, is more like a well-known Christie short story, first published in, say, 1949."
Legal eagle Coughlin (The Judgment, 1997, etc.) has been dead nearly ten years, but his best-loved creation, alcoholic defense attorney Charley Sloan, lives on courtesy of Sorrells (Power of Attorney, not reviewed, etc.) in this undernourished courtroom drama. Read full book review >