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William G. Tapply is the author of more than three dozen books. Many are about fly fishing and the outdoors, most recently Gone Fishin': Ruminations on Fly Fishing. He has written twenty-five New England-based novels, including Shadow of Death , Bitch Cre

OUTWITTING TROLLS by William G. Tapply
Released: Nov. 9, 2010

"Weak-tea suspects and a sleuth who's just too nice and too invested in the finer things in life to be seriously interested in detection, or indeed in the law."
Another death knell for one of Boston attorney Brady Coyne's (Hell Bent, 2008, etc.) old friends. Read full book review >
DARK TIGER by William G. Tapply
Released: Oct. 6, 2009

"More nourishment for Field & Stream readers than for mystery fans."
After years of establishing and protecting amnesiac Stonewall Jackson Calhoun's identity as co-owner of a Maine tackle shop, federal agents return to make him an offer he can't refuse. Read full book review >
HELL BENT by William G. Tapply
Released: Oct. 7, 2008

"Brady's investigation, which indeed proves that Gus was as far from suicidal as you can get, is more heartfelt than inspired. Despite the weighty issues involved, it's clear, as he admits, that 'fishing is what's in my blood. Not the law.'"
The apparent suicide of a disturbed Iraq War veteran turns out to be anything but. Read full book review >
THIRD STRIKE by Philip R. Craig
Released: Dec. 4, 2007

"An exciting third case (Second Sight, 2005, etc.) for a team reminiscent of Holmes and Watson, or Spenser and Hawk."
The tranquility of Martha's Vineyard is disturbed by a ferry strike and a pair of murders. Read full book review >
ONE-WAY TICKET by William G. Tapply
Released: Sept. 20, 2007

"Sometimes rhapsodic, sometimes redundant descriptions stretch a thimbleful of plot into a six-pack."
Protecting his clients, however undeserving, brings lawyer Brady Coyne (Out Cold, 2006, etc.) up against Boston's Russo mob once more. Read full book review >
GRAY GHOST by William G. Tapply
Released: March 8, 2007

"More ambitious and densely plotted than Stoney's heartfelt debut (Bitch Creek, 2004), but with the same unruffled sense of time and place."
Stoney Calhoun hasn't recovered the memories he lost to a lightning strike seven years ago, but he's acting more and more like the cop he suspects he once was. Read full book review >
OUT COLD by William G. Tapply
Released: Oct. 30, 2006

"Though the clues are doled out with an eye-dropper, the strong central idea makes Brady's 22nd case one of his meatiest and most disturbing."
A mysterious pregnancy holds the key to a terrible secret. Read full book review >
NERVOUS WATER by William G. Tapply
Released: Sept. 6, 2005

"But Brady never does clear up the coincidences behind the trail of homicides that shadow Cassie or explain why he's recycling a crucial plot twist from a dozen novels earlier in this laid-back series (Shadow of Death, 2003, etc.)."
Boston lawyer Brady Coyne's search for a missing cousin brings him up against murders past and present. Read full book review >
BITCH CREEK by William G. Tapply
Released: Sept. 24, 2004

"Though the mystery is slight and the windup unsatisfying, it's wonderful to see Tapply get out of the city and into an altogether different kind of time that suits his unhurried storytelling perfectly."
After 20 cases starring Boston lawyer Brady Coyne (Shadow of Death, 2003, etc.), Tapply introduces a more outdoorsy, elemental Down East detective. Read full book review >
SHADOW OF DEATH by William G. Tapply
Released: Nov. 24, 2003

"Brady's 20th case is his most satisfyingly plotted in ten years, even if he sounds and acts more like his crosstown colleague Spenser than ever."
Hired to investigate a political spouse, Boston lawyer Brady Coyne (A Fine Line, 2002, etc.) finds himself hung up between the cops in two states and his closemouthed client. Read full book review >
A FINE LINE by William G. Tapply
Released: Nov. 11, 2002

"The plot's full of holes, but in his 19th outing (Past Tense, 2001, etc.), Brady is as easygoing as ever, an amiable guide through a credible cast of suspects."
Shortly after delivering a collection of valuable 18th-century letters to Ben Frye, a bookstore owner who deals in antiquities, Boston lawyer Brady Coyne gets an urgent summons from the recently paralyzed client who requested the delivery, world-renowned wildlife photographer Walt Duffy, a rugged outdoorsman condemned to a wheelchair by an accident. Read full book review >
PAST TENSE by William G. Tapply
Released: Oct. 22, 2001

"Tapply (Scar Tissue, 2000, etc.) provides the laid-back pleasures of his usual more-charm-than-plot formula, though Brady doesn't distinguish himself this time as either detective or lover."
Looks like Boston lawyer Brady Coyne's ladylove Evelyn Banyon won't have to worry anymore about creepy Larry Scott, who's repaid her kindness in getting him a job at the Cortland hospital where she worked as an administrator by following her down to Cape Cod and stalking her. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 2001

"But the mystery barely raises interest, even among the detectives."
Mystery veterans Craig (A Fatal Vineyard Season, 1999, etc.) and Tapply (Muscle Memory, 1999, etc.) present their inaugural collaboration in alternating first-person narratives. Read full book review >
SCAR TISSUE by William G. Tapply
Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"The tie is settled by Brady's thoroughgoing egoism and complete lack of irony, which turn a thumbs-down on this erratic tale of consequences evaded. (Author tour)"
If there's anything tough guy Brady Coyne (Muscle Memory, 1999, etc.) likes less than clingy, dependent women, it's smart, self-sufficient women. Read full book review >
MUSCLE MEMORY by William G. Tapply
Released: July 19, 1999

"Brady's 16th (Cutter's Run, 1998, etc.) is stylish, routine, just a little bit synthetic: a spot of fishing, a tender scene with a returning lover, the odd clue."
Can things get any worse for retired basketball player Mick Fallon? Read full book review >
A FLY-FISHING LIFE by William G. Tapply
Released: Sept. 1, 1997

"If fishing 'continues to shape and define'' him, it's made him into a dependable, interesting expert with a nasty backlash."
Fly-fishing writings from mystery novelist (Close to the Bone, 1996, etc.) and Field & Stream contributing editor Tapply that are his "way of exploring what all those hours on the water have meant.'' Read full book review >
CLOSE TO THE BONE by William G. Tapply
Released: Oct. 11, 1996

"There's never much action in Brady's cases (The Seventh Enemy, 1995, etc.), but this one, clever as it is, seems to swim by in slow motion, with shorthand characters providing precious little company as Brady ambles companionably along."
November: When Roger Falconer's son Glen kills a woman while driving drunk, Roger's lawyer Brady Coyne recommends Paul Cizek as the courtroom wizard who just might get Glen off. Read full book review >
THE SEVENTH ENEMY by William G. Tapply
Released: Jan. 1, 1995

"S-162 doesn't even pass. (Author tour)"
What a persuasive guy Brady Coyne is! Read full book review >
THE SNAKE EATER by William G. Tapply
Released: Dec. 1, 1993

"As you'd expect, the answers aren't quite as good as the questions, but this entry relies less on atmosphere and more on mystery than any of Brady's outings in years."
A rare criminal client for Boston probate attorney Brady Coyne (Tight Lines, 1992, etc.)—Daniel McCloud, arrested for growing 70 pounds of cannabis that he insists he's using to alleviate the effects of Agent Orange—leads to one of Brady's strangest cases when the marijuana charges are abruptly dropped and a manuscript that Brady's agreed to send to New York literary agent Al Coleman turns out to be fatal to both Daniel and Coleman. Read full book review >
TIGHT LINES by William G. Tapply
Released: May 6, 1992

"The usual Tapply strengths: a deceptively tranquil style, heavy doses of the Brady charm, and just enough mystery to keep you turning the pages until the revelation you've feared all along."
The elegiac tone that Tapply's affected for Brady Coyne's last few outings (Client Privilege, etc.) is perfectly suited to this autumnal tale of elderly, blue-blooded Susan Ames's attempt to find her daughter Mary Ellen so that they can make peace before Susan dies. Read full book review >
THE SPOTTED CATS by William G. Tapply
Released: April 5, 1991

"Tapply (Dead Winter, Client Privilege, etc.) sketches in Brady's relationships with Jeff and Lily so deftly that you'll probably share, and forgive, his lack of interest in the slow-moving plot."
Laid-back workaphobic Boston lawyer Brady Coyne's weekend stay with his client Jeff Newton, scarred inside and out by an encounter with a Zambian leopard, turns from nuisance to nightmare when two men break into the house, scare Brady half to death, beat Jeff into a coma, kill his two guard dogs, and get away with seven solid-gold pre- Columbian leopards valued a $1.5 million. Read full book review >
DEAD WINTER by William G. Tapply
Released: May 12, 1989

A minor entry in Tapply's highly successful series about Brady Coyne, lawyer to greater Boston's rich and obscure. Read full book review >