FLINX’S FOLLY by Alan Dean Foster


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Another outing for Flinx—Philip Lynx—who, as the product of illegal eugenic experiments, has the ability to sense and sometimes control the emotions of those around him (Reunion, 2001, etc.).

The series is mostly background, very little plot. Flinx has many enemies. The nasty, reptilian AAnn want his wonderful spaceship. The Commonwealth yearns to unravel the secrets of his strange brain. The outlawed eugenicist Meliorare Society desire to use him. But, far out in space, Flinx senses a Great Emptiness that contains pure evil; it’s accelerating toward the galaxy’s civilizations and will leave neither life nor sentience in its wake. Somehow he knows he’s the key to defeating the evil. There are some good guys too: an ancient artificial intelligence associated with the alien Krang; a perception of intense green emanating from the sentient plants of planet Midworld; and others that may or may not be the race that built his spaceship. A poorly timed dream somehow mentally projects him into the Great Emptiness. He’s threatened by the Order of Null—they consider the Great Emptiness to be a great cleansing and therefore must stop Flinx. On planet Nur, he locates Clarity Held, the woman he loved six years ago: Flinx, you see, desperately needs someone to talk to. Clarity, however, is involved with drug company executive Bill Ormann. Angry and jealous Bill arranges for gangsters to dispose of Flinx and deprogram Clarity (he thinks Flinx has brainwashed her), from which peril Flinx must be rescued by old friends who, fortunately, are searching for him.

Flinx flunks.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2003
ISBN: 0-345-45038-8
Page count: 272pp
Publisher: Del Rey/Ballantine
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: Sept. 1st, 2003


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