BECOMING MILLA BLAIRE by Candice Stockstell


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Stockstell’s novel blends science fiction, romance and fantasy.

Stockstell’s debut follows the exploits of Milla Blaire. Daughter of a Kardashianesque family, Milla is a young woman still trying to find herself when she meets irritating but sexy Aden aboard an airplane. A perplexing series of paranormal events befalls Milla right around the time a romantic relationship with Aden begins to take shape. When someone kidnaps her friend and Milla’s own life is put at risk, she winds up living at Aden’s family estate, where she learns the truth about Aden and eventually the truth about her own identity. The book starts slowly; a lot of time is spent inside the head of overly angry Milla as she attempts to enjoy her vacation. However, things pick up when a party at Aden’s night club brings Milla into contact with some creepy characters as she tries to rescue her kidnapped friend, though even the ostensible good guy is creepy. Aden prevents Milla from having contact with her family, holds her hostage at his estate and drugs her to increase her desire for him, behavior more in keeping with a psychopath than a romantic hero. Despite Aden’s constant promises to justify his behavior, “I know I have a lot of explaining to do,” Aden takes his sweet time letting Milla and the reader know what’s going on, perhaps because the explanation is especially bizarre and doesn’t really justify his actions. Patient readers will eventually learn that the justification involves super-beings, gods, an ancient genetic experiment and "extraterrestrials." The science is unrealistic and only vaguely described, yet Milla has little trouble accepting it as fact. Readers may be more skeptical.

A complicated backstory bogs down this otherwise steamy romance.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 2012
ISBN: 9781478168348
Page count: 498pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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