Empowering Young Christians: Developing Bible-Based Leadership and Soft Skills by Cary J. Green

Empowering Young Christians: Developing Bible-Based Leadership and Soft Skills

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A well-executed self-help book for Christian teens.

Green provides a guide for young people which, if not unique, is certainly capable of holding its own and providing value in both the self-help and Christian-lifestyle markets. The author explores the idea of reaching for success in life by developing leadership abilities and what he terms “soft skills”: “a collection of abilities, behaviors, and attitudes that increase your effectiveness.” In both cases, he calls for youth to strive for success against a Christian backdrop. He notes early on that receiving salvation and exploring God’s plan for one’s life are definitive keys to a life well-lived. He then moves on to the “3Rs”; in this case, they are “Readiness,” “Relationships,” and “Results.” These three fundamentals create the framework for the rest of Green’s book. “Readiness,” for instance, includes being positive and keeping things in proper context; “Results” include problem-solving and accountability, among other points. There are several strengths to Green’s approach; perhaps chief among them is his skill at outlining points succinctly and visually. A diagram at the start of each chapter maps out for readers what subjects are being discussed and how they relate to the “3Rs.” Green also uses bold typefaces and other visual tools to focus readers on important points. Secondly, the author uses stories effectively as learning tools. For example, he relates a situation in which he was at a law enforcement shooting range and thought he was doing well until he was told he was firing at the wrong target—an effective allegory for unconsciously pursuing the wrong goals in life. Third, Green brings lessons back to readers with easy but effective exercises, such as simply making a list of “your true values.” Christian parents will appreciate the author’s consistent use of quotes from Scripture and basic, faith-based advice (such as, “Pray to God and ask Him to reveal His values for you”) over the course of the book.

Highly worthwhile reading for religious youth looking for direction in planning their lives.

ISBN: 978-1-4575-4099-8
Page count: 123pp
Publisher: Dog Ear
Program: Kirkus Indie
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