New Physics Framework by Dan S Correnti

New Physics Framework

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A theory on the structure of the universe based on oscillating fibers.

In his debut, Correnti lays out his theory about the nature of the universe, explaining it in detail and distinguishing it from the generally accepted ideas of particles and electrodynamics. Correnti’s theory is “on Maxwell’s mathematical track”: “[I]f an electron comprises a tiny compilation of field elements that remain in a group but are not bound to each other, it would exhibit wave-like characteristics in an interferometer but would not necessarily translate to a waveform.” The book develops Correnti’s theory in detail, drawing heavily on the equations he uses to derive his concepts. As a result, readers need an advanced familiarity with physics notation and concepts, lest some of the dense passages—“The oscillatory movements and variations in the electron B-field are mathematically represented by the following Maxwell’s Equations expressed in cylindrical coordinates, where J = 0 and vz is the oscillation velocity of a half B-field along the z-axis”—get tangled. The text also assumes that readers don’t need explanations of concepts such as Coulomb forces or Lorentz length contractions. Nonexpert readers must accept Correnti’s explanations of the math underlying his theory, especially because the book doesn’t draw on any scholarly work in the field, and the only reference cited is a New York Times article. Correnti also doesn’t provide any indication that the work has been peer-reviewed, a standard practice in scientific research, making it difficult to assess the validity of his conclusions. While physicists and theoreticians may find this a useful work in developing their understandings of the fundamental structure of the universe, the average reader will be far less likely to find it valuable in enhancing an understanding of the laws of physics.

This detailed derivation of a new theory requires a high level of knowledge because it’s not interested in providing guidance for nonexperts.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 2014
ISBN: 978-1475103205
Page count: 74pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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by Benoit Launier