IMMORTAL by Diana Hewson


How I Learned There Is Life After Death
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A personal account of one woman's experiences and revelations of an afterlife following her husband's sudden death.


Hewson's debut relates the series of events and experiences that led her to believe in life after death despite her initial skepticism. Ed, Hewson's husband of 34 years, died suddenly in May 2003. As she struggled with her grief and the responsibilities of maintaining a 14-acre farm as well as a high-pressure job, friends encouraged her to be aware of signs that Ed's spirit was still with her. Gradually, Hewson became conscious of a series of unexplainable events, such as the loud ticking of an old clock long thought to be broken, unusual beeps heard through the phone and other inexplicable happenings, which she interpreted as the spirit of Ed reminding her that he was still with her. Describing herself as an agnostic and nonbeliever, Hewson began to consult mediums and read a series of books describing near-death experiences. Combined with her own experiences, she concludes that there is life after death and that humans are all immortal in spirit. Although Hewson frequently refers to her background as a chemist and a scientist, this book does not attempt to present a scientific study. For those who are already familiar and comfortable with the idea of spirit, this book will affirm those beliefs and comfort those who are seeking to regain a connection with a lost loved one. For those who do not believe, the book provides little evidence to the contrary beyond Hewson’s anecdotes. What is most clearly represented is the author's love for her husband and her desire to maintain her connection to him. Through her descriptions, Ed comes to life as a likable and interesting man. Her memories of their life together do more to keep him alive than any of the quasi-supernatural events she presents as evidence.


A touching testimonial to one man's life and an expression of the depth of love that bound two people together even beyond death.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-1452532042
Page count: 148pp
Publisher: Balboa
Program: Kirkus Indie
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