PREDATORS by Frederick J.  Ramsay


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Some of the most dangerous animals in the jungle walk on two legs.

Sekoa, an elderly lion ousted as the leader of his pride and dying slowly of HIV, roams the terrain of Botswana. Still dangerous, he claims a human victim in local petty criminal Lovermore Ndlovu, similarly cast adrift by village elders. Nearby, game ranger Sanderson, who’s lost her husband and is about to lose her son to AIDS, focuses on protecting her daughter Mpitle. Across the world in Chicago, Earth Global CEO Leo Painter is preparing for a trip to resource-rich Botswana at the behest of the State Department just as his corporation faces tumultuous times. COO Travis Parizzi mulls a hostile takeover, and Leo’s shifty stepson Bobby sees his days of leisure numbered now that Leo’s gotten over the death of Bobby’s mother and moved on to trophy wife Lucille. Unbeknownst to Bobby, his shrewd wife Brenda, a former stripper, is working her own angles to get a piece of the Painter fortune. Luckily, Leo’s interests are safe in the hands of his lawyer and confidant Harrah Farrah...or are they? All the above are members of the expedition whose plane lands just as Sanderson gets the order from her pompous boss that the diseased lion must be destroyed. Sanderson knows that he wants her to fail. And when one of the American party is murdered, she receives a dangerous additional challenge.

Ramsay (Stranger Room, 2008, etc.) redeems an uneven plot with brisk storytelling and colorful characters.

ISBN: 978-1-59058-684-6
Page count: 264pp
Publisher: Poisoned Pen
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: Oct. 15th, 2009