JUST SAY NOW...TO FITNESS by Gregory Sherowski


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A combined fitness approach offers both philosophy and practice for the over-40 crowd.

With a lifelong belief in and commitment to exercise as a way to improve one’s quality of life, Sherowski presents the interior motivation as well as the exercises necessary to become a healthier, fitter adult. His certification as a personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise and work with clients at the YMCA gives credibility to discussions of cardio routines, weight-lifting exercises, dynamic stretching and dietary design. Based on the four pillars of weights, cardio, stretching and diet, this guide offers an introduction to each, hitting the points that a beginner needs to know in terms of how to exercise more effectively. Discussions of home versus gym exercise, cardiovascular exercise options, how muscle groups respond to weight-lifting and caloric formulas to tabulate potential weight loss are provided in friendly, conversational manner. A no-nonsense approach is apparent in advice like, “Do more, eat less,” and “You can’t bank fitness.” Short chapters with bullet points keep the plan moving, though individual paragraphs are often lengthy and unwieldy. Illustrations accompany all exercises, with descriptions ranging from succinct and easy to more challenging. Appendices feature weight and weightless exercises, a routine designed for at-home core development, passive stretches, a lifting schedule, a template for an exercise diary and a glossary. While positive and motivating, beginners may have trouble deciphering some exercises, and other fitness options such as swimming, kickboxing, karate and team sports are not discussed at all. More than a weight-loss plan, the emphasis on an improved quality of life underscores the fact that becoming physically fit is a lifestyle choice that lasts, hopefully, for life. Tied to this belief is information targeted to people older than 40, with a longer discussion of active aging.

A good refresher course on the why’s and how’s of staying fit for an improved quality of life.

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4196-9954-2
Program: Kirkus Indie
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