From the "Mahanta Transcripts" series, volume 17
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A guide presents a religious approach to understanding the inner self and the experiences of life. 

Klemp (ECK Wisdom on Conquering Fear, 2016, etc.) is the author of a series of books on Eckankar, “Religion of the Light and Sound of God,” established in 1965 by Paul Twitchell, “the modern-day founder.” (It is “also known as the Ancient Science of Soul Travel.”) This latest volume guides readers through the faith’s teachings and the ways they can enrich spiritual connections with themselves and the world. Klemp, presented as the ECK Master, covers many topics, from love and mistakes to karma, mental balance, and consciousness. The work is organized into bite-sized “teachings,” most in the form of anecdotes about meetings between two or more people. For example, one story focuses on a wealthy commodity trader who returns home to a large mansion dressed in casual clothes. A stranger on the sidewalk outside remarks that no one should own a house so big, and the two engage in a discussion. The trader eventually walks away realizing that this man believes, wrongly, that because a rich entrepreneur built this lavish house, the stranger cannot. Klemp uses this anecdote to stage a discussion about the infinite wealth of the spirit and posits that no one can limit or prohibit another’s spiritual success. While the book may read fluidly for someone already knowledgeable about ECK teachings, it will require some study for those unfamiliar with the religion. A glossary of terms in the back helps readers identify the players and the texts that are referenced, but the work dives straight into the small lessons rather than giving an overview of the religion. (Indeed, ECK followers may be the target audience.) Nevertheless, the manual focuses on the positivity of individual encounters and uses storytelling to uncover some of the contradictions the author finds prevalent in the world today. The powerful optimism of these teachings should resonate with all readers, even those unacquainted with ECK.

An intriguing book explores spiritual practices and perspectives using storytelling as the main device. 

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-57043-341-2
Page count: 381pp
Publisher: Eckankar
Program: Kirkus Indie
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