: Evidence Against Moral Relativity
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A conservative Christian attempts to put to rest the conflict between religion and science by providing an argument based on Jesus’ teachings.

Miller, who refers to his recent journey into Christianity, opens with Albert Einstein’s conjecture that science is inextricably linked to religion. The author contends that most scientists err in neglecting to consider the wisdom contained in the Bible as scientifically and historically accurate. To illustrate a typical misunderstanding, the book examines the debate regarding the age of the universe. Scientific evidence suggests the Big Bang occurred nearly 15 billion years ago, while creationists claim the universe is considerably younger. The author applies Einstein’s law of relativity (the greater the mass of an area, the slower time passes) to explain the compatibility of the Bible’s contention the world was created in six days. This wordy, dry tome also investigates the psychological speculation about the formation of the human mind and recent neurological findings concerning the dynamics of the brain’s right temporal lobe which, when activated, increases a person’s propensity to accept abstract notions. Coupled with thorough research and the detailed scientific and spiritual explanations are passages from the Bible, declaring that nonbelievers are to be condemned. Unfortunately, the rigidity of Miller’s argument and his dire reactionary warnings significantly limit his potential audience. An important section of the book is devoted to contradicting the fundamentals of other world religions. According to Miller, the development of Hinduism, Buddhism and Protestant Christian belief resulted from man’s tendency to move away from divine thought and toward reason and logic. Dualistic thinking is the culprit here–man’s desire to be both spiritual and deductive not only reflects the destructive polarization of modern society, but also leads to disunity in the Christian church.

A biased study of the complicated intersection between faith and reason.

Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1936
ISBN: 978-1-4134-8749-7
Program: Kirkus Indie
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