ONE HOLY NATION by James Slobodzien


A Mystery of History—The Lost Tribes of Israel
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A firebrand interpretation of biblical Scripture envisions a unified faith.

Slobodzien (Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden by Organized Christianity, 2012, etc.) opens his new book, a kind of follow-up to his preceding work, by urging readers to consider “the possibility that it may have been God’s plan from the beginning of time to unite all of his people into One Faith, One Hope, One Family—One Holy Nation!” But he begins his elaboration of this ambitious religious claim in the worst way possible: by misconstruing science, creating a false dichotomy between it and Christianity. His description of the Big Bang—“this speck of LIGHT (existing outside of space and time) appeared from nowhere, and for no reason, only to explode (start expanding) all of a sudden”—and his contention that “the ‘missing link’ (between the cave man and modern humans) is still missing” are some of the familiar fundamentalist misunderstandings he shares. Also in that category are his reference to creationism as a “theory” and preposterous claims like this one regarding the Nepililim mentioned in the Hebrew Bible: “Scientists today confirm the biblical record of these non-human species existing before God created Homo Sapiens (Adam and Eve) and after.” This opening section will likely repel   readers who are non-fundamentalist Christians, resulting in their hesitation to plow through the rest of the book to discover the author’s insights. This is a shame, because once he gets down to the business of exegesis, analyzing the nature of Jesus and the true meaning of the prophesied Kingdom of God, he provides consistently compelling reading about “God’s ultimate plan to gather together all families through the shed blood of Jesus into his One Universal Holy Nation of ALL believers.” Some of these readings are rather odd. He characterizes Jesus as a “Cosmic King” foretold by Old Testament prophets. And the Book of Revelation does not identify the “Roman Catholic Institution” as the anti-Christ. But Slobodzien’s Christian readers should find his assessments intriguing nonetheless.

A strange and ultimately partisan reading of Christianity’s fate.

Pub Date: April 20th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-5413-9497-1
Page count: 152pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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