DEATH'S DANCER by Jasmine Silvera


From the "Masters of Death" series, volume 1
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Sparks fly when a mighty sorcerer recruits a dancer to help unravel a supernatural mystery.      

In this debut novel, Isela Vogel is a godsdancer, one of an elite group of humans trained to use dance to communicate with the divine. One day, she receives a new assignment. Azrael, the necromancer of Prague—one of the immortal beings who rule over humanity after the godswar nearly destroyed the world—requires her help. Someone is murdering other members of Azrael’s band, and only Isela has the skill to choreograph a work that will summon the power he needs to discover who is responsible, and stop the villain. Refusal isn’t an option, and Isela reluctantly agrees to help the intimidating yet alluring Azrael. This spirited dancer isn’t afraid to talk back to the formidable Azrael, and her courage intrigues the centuries-old being. Before long, they’ve literally set the bed on fire with their lovemaking, as they battle legions of demons to prevent chaos from engulfing the world. When she’s not fighting the forces of evil, Isela is discovering some surprising truths about her family while also learning what it really means to have a mind-reading, potent necromancer for a boyfriend. Azrael and Isela’s intense romance is the big attraction in Silvera’s tale. Readers who like their leading men with more than a dash of menace should find it hard not to skip ahead to the couple’s next steamy encounter. The grab bag of supernatural characters—including a coven of witches, werewolves, undead minions, and terrifying angels—adds excitement, though sometimes at the expense of coherence. Furthermore, the story has some confusing aspects, such as the vague and unsatisfying explanation of how the necromancers rose to prominence in the first place and the origins of the godswar. But a fast pace and compelling protagonists smooth over those flaws. In the action-packed final pages, Silvera capably ties up the various plot threads but paves the way for a sequel, which is good news for anyone who’s hungry for more of these lively characters.

A spirited, sexy paranormal romance.

Pub Date: Dec. 30th, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9976582-0-0
Page count: 318pp
Publisher: No Inside Voice
Program: Kirkus Indie
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