FAKE by John DeDakis


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A reporter’s life is trashed when she becomes a victim of fake news.

Now that former President Donald Trump has unleashed accusations of "fake news" to attack the credibility of news outlets whose stories have displeased him and many people have fallen for the actually fake news planted on the internet, reporters everywhere are under siege. White House correspondent Lark Chadwick, who’s developed a warm relationship with first lady Rose Gannon while interviewing her for a book, is keeping Rose’s pancreatic cancer secret. When Rose collapses and dies while Lark is interviewing her at the White House, Lark adds her death to the catalog of tragedies in her own life, which includes the death of her boyfriend, Doug Mitchell, only weeks before (Bullet in the Chamber, 2016). After a tough TV interview, Lark receives an invitation to brunch with Francine Noyce from INN news. But she’s also attacked by Media Bash, a website willing to print anything, no matter how scurrilous. Noyce flies Lark to brunch in Montreal on INN’s private plane and makes her a job offer with strings attached. When Lark asks for more time to decide, Noyce sexually assaults her. Lark slaps her hard and is wise enough to have the plane's steward confirm her story, which she emails to her boss and several friends. Suddenly a story that the first lady was murdered breaks on Media Bash, and Lark, who’s only just discovered she is pregnant with Mitchell’s child, is accused of having an affair with President Will Gannon, who allegedly murdered his wife to cover it up. Facing suspension, she quits her job. As Lark receives advice about her alternatives from her mentor, Lionel Stone, who’s just moved to D.C., Gannon deals with nuclear threats from an unstable Russian leader. An amusing story Rose once told Lark holds the key to overcoming the tsunami of lies.

A gripping, topical tale about the difficulties of discerning the truth in the new world of fake news.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-939521-76-7
Page count: 350pp
Publisher: Strategic
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: July 1st, 2019