TRUE LOVE by Jude Deveraux


From the "Nantucket Brides" series, volume 1
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A novel about star-crossed love, life, death and reincarnation. This is the first in the author's planned Nantucket Brides trilogy.

The book opens with the renowned architect Jared Montgomery Kingsley having a conversation with the ghost of his ancestor Caleb, who died 200 years earlier. Jared has been able to see and hear him since he was a child. Jared’s aunt Addy, recently deceased, has left him the old family mansion on Nantucket, with the condition that a young woman named Alix be allowed to live there for one year. Alix is the daughter of a couple who visited Addy before they divorced and helped Jared when he lost his parents as a teenager. The father, Ken, was an architect who, noticing Jared’s talent for designing and building things, directed him away from potential delinquency and into what became a great career. The mother, Victoria, was a popular novelist who published many best-sellers and was able to pay for Jared’s education. Victoria often returned to the house in Nantucket to read the old journals she found there, which proved helpful in plotting her novels. Alix, who followed in her father’s footsteps and studied architecture in college, knew about the great Jared Montgomery and was awed, even a bit enamored of him, so she is both excited and frightened by the prospect of meeting him in Nantucket. As the plot develops, we discover that Ken and Victoria had other connections to Jared’s family. By the end, several star-crossed couples find each other again in new lives.

A romantic story of love so deep it survives centuries.

Pub Date: July 2nd, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-345-54179-6
Page count: 464pp
Publisher: Ballantine
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: April 15th, 2013

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Jude Deveraux
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