Farts Vs. Burps
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When an army invades his town, the brave mayor of Fartville descends into Gas Mountain to ask for help from the Fart Giants.

Donald Fart is mayor of happy, relaxed Fartville, and proud to be so. He’s a direct descendant of Sir William Butt-Sneeze, who first scaled the heights of Gas Mountain. Its emissions power the whole town: “Vernon Fart, the baker, couldn’t bake his famous Poof Pastries without it….The Fartville Toots couldn’t play softball games at night either.” The gas also powers Burpville, which leads a separate existence from Fartville on the mountain’s other side—that is, until the Fartquake (Burpvillians call it a Burpquake) destroys its access to gas and therefore power. Burpville’s mayor invades Fartville with an army of Monster Burps, who chase citizens from their homes. Mayor Fart sounds the alert: “Head to the Butt-Cave! Head to the Butt-Cave!!” But they require more than a refuge: they need a plan and luckily Rumbly Fart has one. He’s “the toughest Fart in town,” one of the few to ever explore Gas Mountain. He’s seen Monster Farts with his own eyes who might be persuaded to help the town the way Monster Burps helped Burpville. The mayor and Rumbly venture within Gas Mountain and gain the Monster Farts’ assistance; soon, the marauding Burps are being routed by devastating monster attacks like “Burrito Monster Farts, with their combination of meat, cheese, and beans.” Eventually, peace is restored. But in a cliffhanger ending, the Boogers are coming. Shah (Katie Loves Her Kitty, 2016, etc.) makes the most of his many opportunities for toilet humor, working in a zillion references to odor, smell, wind, and brownness in ways that will delight grossness-loving children. For example, local streets include Butt-Ripple Road and Clear-The-Room Avenue. Also amusing are a few in-on-the-joke references to action movie dialogue: “We had to rally ourselves together, against all odds. ‘We’ll never rally against these odds!’ Willard Fart said, which was of no help.” Kindheartedness tempers all the yucks and laughs, with the Fartvillians showing mercy in victory.

 Fans of farts, burps, and other gross-out humor should love this tale.

Publisher: Dog Ear Publisher
Program: Kirkus Indie
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