THE RESPONSE by Pablo E. Hawnser


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An Earth man is befriended by advanced, peaceful, human-like space beings who teach him about their spirituality and science.

Hawnser claims to have associated with alien beings, but his book, a translation of his 1997 manuscript La Respuesta, casts his revelations as a largely plotless tutorial novel. Its value resides in the reader’s openness to the instruction. In 1989, protagonist Eric encounters a flying saucer and its occupants, including a lovely uniformed female, Mirza, and her male cohort, Rahel. Via meetings, teleportations and dream-state visions, they instruct Eric about the aliens’ Big Picture. The gist is this: Earth is on the verge of a “New Era,” but is still too “backwards” to merit open alien contact. It’s one of the 619 planets in this galaxy with “human” populations. There is not actually one universe but seven, grouped around God’s headquarters. Civilizations achieving Nirvana-like equilibrium based on virtue, science and love, enjoy long lives, harmony with nature, telepathic communication, a cash-free economy, travel on conveyor-belt networks, transcendence to better dimensions and other wonders. Earth’s people can progress to such a ”super-man” stage by obeying teachings of Micael, aka Jesus of Nazareth, who was one of many Micael messiahs sent by the Creator to elevate the inhabited worlds. Quantum mechanics and physics of the micro-cosmos, explained by the author with various charts and drawings (ditto the accommodations aboard the saucers), are key to unifying science and religion. Faith, despite the mention of Jesus, takes on an Eastern tone, with talk of chakra energy, dharma, karma and reincarnation. What of the rumors casting aliens as menacing, black-eyed, silent beings abducting and anal-probing victims in UFO lore? Irresponsible science-fiction, writes Hawnser. Some may find Hawnser’s own aliens a bit Starfleet-like, right down to a non-intervention policy in Earth affairs (except via messengers such as Eric). As for solid proof of his allegations, Hawnser—who admires skeptic-scientists like Carl Sagan—only promises future discoveries, such as stars apparently predating the Big Bang, that will shore up this cosmology. Astrophysics passages are probably the most accessible to general readers, whilst the majority proposes a U(FO)topian manifesto exhorting its disciples to wisdom.

More a New Age encyclopedic exegesis than standard ufology. 

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 2009
ISBN: 978-1426914478
Page count: 464pp
Publisher: Trafford
Program: Kirkus Indie
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