HE CHANGED ME by Pamela Farrar


A Journey through the Wilderness, One Creative Writing at a Time


Farrar’s debut collection of poems, parables and devotionals guides readers through present day Christianity, arming them with a spiritual survival kit.

These lyrically pronounced pieces are often full of rhyming triplets, quatrains and allegorical narratives intended to be read aloud. Modeling her writing on biblical scripture, the poet uses verse to lead readers toward moral lessons. In “Friends or Flies,” she anthropomorphizes hippos and flies to show how the intentions of friends might not be always be aligned with readers’ own spiritual journeys. She warns: “It's up to you to discern the difference / Between having friends or having flies.” This motif repeats in “The Wilderness,” where the author confesses, “It had been a long time since / I saw my family and friends / Who decided to disown me / Because I could not live in sin.” Throughout the collection, Farrar grapples with her own faith, sincerely endeavoring to share the intimacy of her experiences. She issues frequent reminders that everyone is unique and refrains from passing personal judgment. Other poems recall youthful memories, such as “Fairytales,” in which she writes: “When I was a little girl / I thought of Jesus as a fairytale / Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.” But darker terrain lurks around the corner, serving as a stark contrast and fleshing out her spiritual journey; in pieces like “I'm Not Looking Back,” the author struggles to come to terms with her past. Other writings point out the pitfalls of materialism, alcoholism, loneliness and temptation. Farrar often refers to her own painful history but, unfortunately, does not elaborate, leaving the reader stranded in generalities. Whether the vagueness is intentional is unclear, since the author’s mission is to inspire readers to make time in their own lives for a spiritual journey. To this end, a series of interactive questions designed to prompt further exploration is included at the conclusion.

Motivational but vague collection of creative writing.

Pub Date: Feb. 10th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1449737306
Page count: 268pp
Publisher: WestBow/Thomas Nelson
Program: Kirkus Indie
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by John Donne