Reese Witherspoon has tapped Marissa Stapley’s Lucky as the latest pick for her popular book club.

The actor and entrepreneur made the announcement on Instagram, writing, “This is such an electric story about an unconventional heroine who is on the run from her past with a winning lottery ticket that could change her future forever…I loved all the twists and turns of this adventure, not knowing where Lucky was going to end up next.”

Stapley’s book follows a woman who wins the lottery but is unable to cash in her ticket because doing so means she’d be arrested for a heist she pulled off with her boyfriend. It’s the fourth solo novel by Stapley, who also has co-written a romance book with Karma Brown under the name Maggie Knox.

Stapley reacted to her book’s selection on Instagram, with a post reading in part, “For three months, I’ve had this delightful, life-changing secret in my back pocket…like a lottery ticket! It has brought me so much happiness, and now I get to share the joy!”

The Toronto Star reports that Stapley is the first Canadian author to be selected for Witherspoon’s book club.

“As a Canadian author, it’s not easy on the commercial stage to get your books front and center and I’ve really battled that for my whole career, just trying hard to get my books into readers’ hands in the U.S.,” Stapley said. “And this is going to make that happen.”

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and regular contributor to NPR.