Stand-up comedian Tom Papa appreciates the small things, from baking his own bread to enjoying a damn good cup of coffee. Slowing down to savor life’s simple pleasures lets him know, hey, he’s doing OK. He’s doing great, in fact.

In this video interview, the stand-up comedian, SiriusXM radio host, and podcaster tells Kirkus about his latest essay collection You’re Doing Great! And Other Reasons to Stay Alive (St. Martin’s, May 12) and reminds readers that they, too, can find joy in everyday triumphs. He shares some of his likes, acknowledges some pleasures from the past that didn’t age well, and talks about why comedy does—and should—evolve with the times.

Kirkus calls You’re Doing Great! And Other Reasons to Stay Alive “entertaining essays from a genial guide.”

From our review: “…Papa gives ample evidence of his ‘ability to live on the happy side of the street’ in a collection of funny, warmhearted essays whose overarching messages are, ‘we should be grateful for what we have’ and ‘shouldn’t take life all that seriously.’ The author is thankful for many things, including coffee (at the first sip each morning, he writes, ‘my entire being knows the day is about to improve’); baking bread, which he does with unabashed pleasure; a weekly date night, which he claims keeps a marriage happy; gathering for dinner with his wife and two daughters (‘I just want to look up and see them and have them see me and realize we’re family. That’s why we eat together’); and indulging his desires at 7-Eleven stores, ‘crammed with everything you could ever need or want, just waiting for your arrival like delicious outposts on the modern-day prairie.’”