Books by Adam Thirlwell

LURID & CUTE by Adam Thirlwell
Released: April 14, 2015

"Recent years have brought drug-drenched efforts from well-established artists Pynchon and Lethem. Perhaps the kindest thing one can say is that the talented Thirlwell has gotten his literary substance abuse out of his system at an earlier age."
In a pallid sort of noir, a boy-man lurches through an aimless series of small adventures and stumbles into criminal behavior that eventually exacts its comeuppance. Read full book review >
THE ESCAPE by Adam Thirlwell
Released: April 7, 2010

"At times arch and too clever, but so minutely perceptive that it all works."
Thirlwell, who made a splash in 2003 with a controversial debut novel (Politics), and earned a spot on Granta's Best Young British Writers list, returns with a portrait of the elderly satyr as an artist. Read full book review >
Released: April 22, 2008

"Often overwrought and ostentatious—like a love letter, which of course it is."
A brash, well-read British novelist contemplates the history of his craft, the nature of artistic influence, the complexities of translation and the literary lint caught in the convolutions of his own (figurative) navel. Read full book review >
POLITICS by Adam Thirlwell
Released: Oct. 1, 2003

"Undergraduate ravings of this sort should be inflicted only on hapless editors or professors of creative writing."
A ménage à trois in contemporary London. Read full book review >