Books by Andrei Codrescu

BIBLIODEATH by Andrei Codrescu
Released: Nov. 29, 2012

"Longtime fans will naturally savor Codrescu's idiosyncratic ambling and real-life reflections. New readers will find philosophical nuggets after some digging."
Poet, essayist and novelist Codrescu (Whatever Gets You through the Night: A Story of Sheherezade and the Arabian Entertainments, 2011, etc.) examines the oft-sensationalized "death of print" and redefines its place in the bigger picture of literary history. Read full book review >
WAKEFIELD by Andrei Codrescu
Released: May 21, 2004

"Not Codrescu's best, but nevertheless one of his wisest, most engaging books."
A rootless writer-lecturer cuts a deal with the Devil in this latest comic romp from the prolific poet, essayist, NPR commentator, and novelist (Casanova in Bohemia, 2002, etc.). Read full book review >
CASANOVA IN BOHEMIA by Andrei Codrescu
Released: March 1, 2001

"High-flying but somehow unpretentious prose, intellectual fireworks, and more steamy couplings than a shelf's worth of romance novels: altogether, a potent dose of high-literary eroticism."
Essayist, deadpan NPR racounteur, and too-infrequent novelist Codrescu (The Blood Countess, 1995, etc.) offers a comedic take on the life of Casanova. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2000

"Fans will delight in another window into Codrescu's shrewd and quirky mind - his confession of AOL addiction, his thoughts on being a grandfather, and his strange yet convincing argument 'Against Synchronicity.' Others, though, may become lost in the many obscurities."
Novelist, poet, professor, and NPR commentator Codrescu (Hail Babylon!, 1998, etc.) brings his eclectic interests and unique slant to good, evil, and much, much more in this millennial collection of his latest essays. Read full book review >
AY, CUBA! by Andrei Codrescu
Released: March 1, 1999

"16 pages color photos, 40 b&w photos)."
Codrescu (English/Louisiana State Univ.), prolific author and NPR journalist, treats us to a 12-day idiosyncratic vacation 90 miles and a world apart from the US. Read full book review >
MESSIAH by Andrei Codrescu
Released: Feb. 1, 1999

"Divine One,' this is the novel for you."
Counting down to 2000 a.d. may be a bit less tense, thanks to this enjoyably goofy melodrama from NPR commentator, essayist, and novelist (The Blood Countess, 1995). Read full book review >
Released: April 27, 1998

"To Codrescu, the search is all."
This series of essays and sketches is more the spirited salutation to towns and times past (as the title suggests) than an incisive critical inquiry (as the subtitle promises). Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 1996

"Newcomers to Codrescu may be put off by some of his slapdash indulgences here, but his many fans will welcome the opportunity to roam around again in his quirky mind."
Prolific belletrist, novelist, and NPR commentator Codrescu (The Blood Countess, 1995; Zombification, 1994; etc.) offers his trademark benign-oddball perspective on a broad array of cultural topics in another scattershot collection. Read full book review >
THE BLOOD COUNTESS by Andrei Codrescu
Released: July 1, 1995

"A wonderful historical novel that merits comparison with the fiction of Zoe Oldenbourg and Marguerite Yourcenar. (First printing of 150,000; Literary Guild alternate selection; author tour)"
An expertly crafted first novel uncovers the roots of contemporary Eastern European carnage in the lurid story of a notorious 16th-century murderess. Read full book review >
Released: July 25, 1994

"A grab bag of emotions, then, but those who prefer Codrescu's lighter side will find everything from nymphettes in San Francisco to art food in Seattle. (Author tour)"
There's plenty of Codrescu's trademark wry wit on display in this collection of pieces written for and broadcast on National Public Radio's ``All Things Considered'' from 1989 to 1993, but his serious side is more overtly in evidence than it was in Road Scholar (1993). Read full book review >
Released: July 21, 1993

Essayist and editor, poet and professor, columnist, novelist, radio commentator, scriptwriter, translator, and all-round man-of-letters Codrescu (Road Scholar) presents his latest collection of essays. Read full book review >
Released: April 16, 1993

"But America is more than its fringe, and Codrescu, with his yen for the bohemian and the bizarre, never quite uncovers the land's expansive, mainstream heart. (Seventy-four b&w photographs—some seen)"
Romanian-born poet, professor (English/LSU), and NPR commentator Codrescu (The Hole in the Flag, 1991, etc.) drives from East Coast to West, nosing into the sort of lovably wacky Americana that's made the comparable dispatches of fellow wheelman/writer Charles Kuralt so popular. Read full book review >
Released: June 19, 1991

"Intensely personal and keenly perceptive: a poignant study of a troubled homecoming, and a lively resource for anyone who would understand Romania today."
A passionate, poetic view of Romania in the days immediately after the fall of the Ceausescus by poet, essayist, and NPR commentator Codrescu (The Disappearance of the Outside, 1990, etc.), who returned to his homeland after living in exile for 25 years. Read full book review >