Books by Christina Schwarz

THE EDGE OF THE EARTH by Christina Schwarz
Released: April 2, 2013

"Strong characters and plotting—including a nifty final twist involving Jane—maintain the interest in a rather slowly paced narrative."
On a lighthouse off the northern California coast, a young woman discovers her husband's true nature—and her own—in Schwarz's latest thoughtful exploration of family ties (So Long at the Fair, 2008, etc.). Read full book review >
SO LONG AT THE FAIR by Christina Schwarz
Released: July 8, 2008

"A true American tragedy, full of love as well as despair."
Following one crucial day in a marriage tottering on the brink, Schwarz (All Is Vanity, 2002, etc.) shows the fragility, complexity and danger inherent in love. Read full book review >
ALL IS VANITY by Christina Schwarz
Released: Oct. 15, 2002

"Brave in its unforgiving nastiness, if not exactly amusing (and possibly toxic to aspiring writers)."
After her compassionate and hugely successful debut (Drowning Ruth, 2000), Schwarz returns with something completely different: a mean-spirited account of how a would-be novelist who can't write brings down her best friend, a domestic social striver with dreams beyond her means. Read full book review >
DROWNING RUTH by Christina Schwarz
Released: Aug. 1, 2000

"An engrossing debut from a writer to watch."
With quietly powerful prose and carefully nuanced description, a first-novelist creates a satisfying fictional world inhabited by complicated people painfully coming to terms with their common history. Read full book review >