Books by Cindy Helms

100 THINGS by Cindy Helms
written and illustrated by Cindy Helms
Released: April 15, 2018

"A vividly illustrated, if flawed, picture book."
Author-illustrator Helms (Honk Whoop, 2017) offers a silly story of a child's 100th day of school.Read full book review >
HONK WHOOP by Cindy Helms
Released: Sept. 13, 2017

"Another captivating mix of eccentric visuals and gentle messages of unity by an author/illustrator who dances to her own quirky tune."
Music of an unexpected kind becomes the bridge to a new friendship in this picture book. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2017

"A kids' tale with enjoyably eccentric visuals and a message of civility and forgiveness."
Bullies meet their very polite match in this quirky new picture book for young readers. Read full book review >
Who's New by Cindy Helms
Released: April 14, 2016

"A fun, well-illustrated book for newly independent readers to enjoy on their own or for lap readers to enjoy with a grown-up."
A return to the wild, Seussian world of Helms (Outside, Inside, 2015) with a silhouette-guessing game featuring a refrain that will have youngsters chiming in.Read full book review >
Outside, Inside by Cindy Helms
Released: Aug. 17, 2015

"Helms does an excellent job combining strange and colorful art, the concepts of opposites, and a tale of a friendship surprise."
Outside, Inside by Cindy Helms Seussian shapes and creatures dominate this clever concept book about opposites—and friendship—by debut author/illustrator Helms. Read full book review >