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HELEN OYEYEMI was born in Nigeria in 1984, and has lived in London from the age of four. She completed The Icarus Girl, her first novel, just before her nineteenth birthday. She is in her second year at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Her first play, J

BOY, SNOW, BIRD by Helen Oyeyemi
Released: March 6, 2014

Readers who found British author Oyeyemi's Mr. Fox (2011) an intellectual tour de force, but emotionally chilly, will be won over by this riveting, brilliant and emotionally rich retelling of "Snow White" set in 1950s New England. Read full book review >
MR. FOX by Helen Oyeyemi
Released: Oct. 1, 2011

Postmodernist, meta-fictional riffs on classic tales, especially fairy tales, in which women die violently in the name of love, from Nigerian/British wunderkind Oyeyemi (The Icarus Girl, 2005, etc.).

The Mr. Fox of the title (and there are plenty of other Mr. Foxes here) is a novelist who kills off his heroines. Read full book review >

THE ICARUS GIRL by Helen Oyeyemi
Released: June 21, 2005

"Not enough consistent magic in this extended metaphor on cultural, social and psychological conflict."
A mixed-race eight-year-old girl is haunted by her imaginary friend, family secrets and the two cultures she inhabits. Read full book review >