Books by Kate Kiesler

WIND-WILD DOG by Barbara Joosse
Released: Oct. 1, 2006

"A heartwarming call of the wild for the small set. (author's notes) (Picture book. 4-8)"
An Alaskan sled dog with a yen to run wild finds her true calling in this northern tale of man and dog. Read full book review >
OHIO THUNDER by Denise Dowling Mortensen
Released: May 15, 2006

"A nice snapshot of modern rural life, this will be a great addition to storytimes on weather and farms. (Picture book. 3-8)"
"Hazy heat, / sweaty brow. / Dusty field, / tractor plow. / Dark horizon, / speckled sky. / Cornstalks rustle, / blackbirds fly." Read full book review >
HELLO, HARVEST MOON by Ralph Fletcher
Released: Sept. 22, 2003

"Closing with moonset, as dawn illuminates the world with a different kind of light, this makes peaceful reading either in season, or on any moonlit night. (Picture book. 6-8)"
As atmospheric as its companion, Twilight Comes Twice, this tone poem pairs poetically intense writing with luminescent oils featuring widely spaced houses, open lawns, and clumps of autumnal trees, all lit by a huge full moon. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2003

"A pleasant introduction to a popular legend. (Picture book/folktale. 5-8)"
Those interested in regional folklore and flowers will find this retelling by first-time author Lind to be of special interest; all readers will find it to be a satisfying story of the origin of the Texas bluebonnet. Read full book review >
WINGS ON THE WIND by Kate  Kiesler
Released: March 18, 2002

"This is the only anthology of collected bird poems currently in print, although Douglas Florian's On the Wing: Bird Poems and Paintings (1996) and Jane Yolen's Bird Watch: A Book of Bird Poetry (1999) cover similar avian territory from single authors. (Poetry. 4-9)"
This beautifully designed and illustrated anthology offers 23 poems about birds of many types engaged in many sorts of behavior. Read full book review >
SNOW COMES TO THE FARM by Nathaniel Tripp
Released: Oct. 1, 2001

"583, etc.) muted oils communicate a sense of mystery along with the anticipation as the boys heads turned to the heavens, blinking in the wonder of it all. (Picture book. 5-8)"
The mood is expectant as a farm family in northern Vermont awaits the first snowfall. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2001

"The cover is unfortunately rather dark (depicting a black cat at night, after all), but the story itself is full of warmth, and it will blend nicely into story hours with themes of wind, night, or cats. (Picture book. 4-8)"
Taiko, a jet-black cat with four white feet and a white vest, is a free spirit who ventures off on a midnight prowl one windy night. Read full book review >
TOASTING MARSHMALLOWS by Kristine O'Connell George
Released: March 19, 2001

"Altogether, an engaging trip. (Poetry. 7-10)"
George deftly describes the satisfying sequence of familiar events in a summer camping experience in this collection of 30 related poems perfectly paired once again with Kiesler's inviting oil paintings (The Great Frog Race and Other Poems, 1998, etc.). Read full book review >
CRAB MOON by Ruth Horowitz
Released: May 1, 2000

"Young children whose interest is piqued by David's brief encounter with such ancient, alien-looking creatures will welcome the concluding page of general horseshoe crab facts. (Picture book. 6-8)"
June's full moon casts an atmospheric glow over Kiesler's (Old Elm Speaks, 1998) soft-focus shore scenes in this brief consciousness raiser. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 20, 1999

"Ideal for lap-sharing, parents and children may discover in these pages their own starry nights together before bedtime. (Picture book/poetry. 2-5)"
Kiesler's dreamy acrylic paintings accompany a collection of lullabies with sea-faring themes. Read full book review >
OLD ELM SPEAKS by Kristine O'Connell George
Released: Sept. 21, 1998

"A lovely, often luminous, collection. (Picture book/poetry. 5-9)"
In a paean to trees, George and Kiesler follow up on The Great Frog Race and Other Poems (1997), with a similar specialized collection of nature poetry, loosely organized around the four seasons. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 20, 1997

"Words and art coalesce into an invitation to readers to move beyond the page and into their own explorations of twilight. (Picture book. 4-8)"
A quietly alluring mood piece that focuses on the twilight times when ``night and day stand whispering secrets before they go their separate ways'' at dawn and dusk. Read full book review >
OUT OF DARKNESS by Russell Freedman
Released: March 17, 1997

"With warmth and care, Freedman deftly delineates a life. (Biography. 10-13)"
This biography from Freedman (The Life and Death of Crazy Horse, 1996, etc.) tells the familiar, moving story of the determination of Louis Braille, who did "more than anyone in history to bring blind people into the mainstream of life." Read full book review >
THE GREAT FROG RACE by Kristine O'Connell George
Released: March 17, 1997

"The oil illustrations are heavy and sometimes dark, with rather awkward humans and large animals but clearly modeled insects, frogs, and birds. (Picture book/poetry. 5-8)"
George's first book features small poems about country living, with a spirited introduction by the late Myra Cohn Livingston (B Is for Baby, 1996, etc.), who has presided over better collections as poet and anthologist. Read full book review >
TEMPLE CAT by Andrew Clements
Released: Feb. 20, 1996

"Kiesler, working in an utterly realistic style, employs a subtle visual shift in characterization as the protagonist transforms from a religious icon to an ordinary house cat. (Picture book. 5-8)"
Clements (Who Owns the Cow?, p. 944, etc.) pens a tale for consummate cat enthusiasts or lovers of antiquity: a feline's not- too-arduous search for love. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 21, 1995

"Kiesler's paintings, evocatively blurred by the sifting of ever-present snowflakes, capture the essence of the natural magic of this outdoor Christmas Eve. (Picture book. 5-8)"
On Christmas Eve, Grandpa's three-legged dog, Mr. Biggins, wanders off to chase deer on the wooded mountainside near Grandpa's cabin. Read full book review >