Books by Kim Newman

Released: Nov. 1, 1998

With his third in a series, Newman remains in top form as our sharpest vampire novelist, a far more inventive stylist than Anne Rice. Read full book review >

Released: Nov. 1, 1995

Vampire-battle aces let slip the bats of war in this superior sequel to Anno-Dracula (1993), itself a benchmark for vampire fiction. This time out, Newman moves ahead 30 years to focus on the European air war and stalemate in 1918. Read full book review >

THE QUORUM by Kim Newman
Released: Oct. 14, 1994

Newman's fifth horror/thriller lives up to both the best and the worst of his earlier novels. Like Anno-Dracula (1993), The Quorum is a modern vampire myth, complete with a dark overlord (Derek Leech)—a combination of Swamp-thing, Aphrodite (he emerges complete from the mucky, polluted Thames), and Pinocchio (his goal is to fulfill his function as catalyst for betrayal and thus earn his right to be human, which is manifested at the end of the novel when he finally achieves a sense of smell). Read full book review >

ANNO-DRACULA by Kim Newman
Released: Sept. 15, 1993

Newman goes over the top in every novel (Night Mayor, Bad Dreams, Jago), each featuring a monstrous overlord of horror unlikely to be dethroned—but this time he leaps to new heights, drawing the Dracula novel that sets a benchmark for vampire fiction. Warning: the blood, well, you can't say it's overdone, for a vampire novel, but two qualities distinguish Newman's story: the immense physiological detail shoring up the reality of the undead, and the gathering sense of the author's enjoyment in what he does here—among other things, his sheer love of chockablock Victorian detail. Read full book review >

JAGO by Kim Newman
Released: Jan. 15, 1993

Once again, Newman (The Night Mayor, 1990; Bad Dreams, 1991)- -in his best effort yet—strives to deepen the horror-novel genre, or give it new levels. Here, Newman builds upon the main device of Bad Dreams, in which dreams mushroomed into dreams within dreams. Read full book review >

BAD DREAMS by Kim Newman
Released: Nov. 14, 1991

Riotously inventive horror fantasy, the second novel by the author of the wildly original The Night Mayor (1990). Newman trumps up some superbly clever devices here, and at last creates a heroine we can care about, or almost care about, before she fades into the Dreamscape. Read full book review >