Books by Lynn Curlee

TRAINS by Lynn Curlee
by Lynn Curlee, illustrated by Lynn Curlee
Released: May 15, 2009

"Sure to fascinate existing enthusiasts, this elegant survey will likely also create some new fans. (bibliography) (Nonfiction. 8-12)"
A celebration more than a complete chronicle, this beautifully illustrated volume offers a personal and affectionate look at the place of the railroad in history. Read full book review >
Released: March 4, 2008

"Curlee wraps the contents in a context-setting Prologue and Epilogue, so the entire volume not only provides an engrossing visual experience, but serves up a coherent early introduction to the range and purposes of these ancient tales. (Folklore. 8-10)"
This is not so much a "bestiary" as a diverse gallery of figures from Greek mythology that are particularly suited to Curlee's distinctive, neoclassical style of illustration. Read full book review >
SKYSCRAPER by Lynn Curlee
Released: Feb. 27, 2007

"Super Constructions to Design and Build (2001), or Chris Oxlade's Skyscrapers (2006), with its cutaways and plastic overlays. (Nonfiction. 9-11)"
Between a view of the Chrysler Building and a to-scale gallery of present and future behemoths, Curlee offers an opinionated survey of more than a dozen skyscrapers and their architects, chronicling the "rise" of both over the past century and a half of building big. Read full book review >
BALLPARK by Lynn Curlee
Released: March 1, 2005

"The volume arrives with the new season, and readers who need encouragement to get out to the ballpark will surely find it here. (bibliography) (Picture book/nonfiction. All ages)"
Adding to an impressive and growing body of work about important places, Curlee here celebrates America's "green cathedrals," offering a fine survey of American history through the story of baseball. Read full book review >
PARTHENON by Lynn Curlee
by Lynn Curlee, illustrated by Lynn Curlee
Released: July 1, 2004

"A bibliography at the back lends authority, but it's too bad that the author does not include brief references to his sources in the narrative itself, but rather leaves readers wondering. (Picture book/nonfiction. 9-13)"
A meticulous account of the building and subsequent ruin of one of the great monuments of the ancient world. Read full book review >
CAPITAL by Lynn Curlee
by Lynn Curlee, illustrated by Lynn Curlee
Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"In all, a worthy effort that cannot escape a certain hodgepodge effect. (Picture book/nonfiction. 8-12)"
Meticulous illustrations accompany brief descriptions and histories of the buildings and monuments that form the heart of the nation's capital. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2002

"It's a memorable tour, whether fueled by interest or class assignment. (Nonfiction. 8-10)"
The author of Rushmore (1999) and other visits to modern wonders turns to the seven originals—though, as he points out, the list only became set in stone (as it were) within the last 500 years, long after all but the Great Pyramid at Giza had vanished. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2001

"Heavily based on David McCullough's The Great Bridge, one of four items in the bibliography, this awe-inspiring study provides an excellent resource for young people. (specifications, timeline, bibliography) (Nonfiction. 8-12)"
A goldmine of information in this lucid and elegant recounting of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, with equally resplendent paintings. Read full book review >
LIBERTY by Lynn Curlee
Released: May 1, 2000

"While the text is occasionally pompous, and perhaps not as much fun as the Betsy and Guilio Maestro book on the same subject, Liberty is an engaging and useful resource for the classroom and library. (specifications, timeline, bibliography) (Picture book/nonfiction. 8-12)"
This is a comprehensive, fact-filled, and stunningly illustrated history of the Statue of Liberty. Read full book review >
RUSHMORE by Lynn Curlee
Released: April 1, 1999

"Just as beautiful as Curlee's previous works, this volume should be used in conjunction with other, more comprehensive texts. (Picture book/nonfiction. 7-10)"
This history of the Mount Rushmore monument is laudatory to a fault, devoting a mere paragraph to the many people who considered (or still consider) the colossal sculpture a blot on the landscape, a man-made disfigurement of nature. Read full book review >
INTO THE ICE by Lynn Curlee
Released: March 1, 1998

From Curlee (Ships of the Air, 1996, etc.), a riveting history of Arctic exploration that begins, appropriately, with the Inuit, who moved into that bleak and treacherous land after the Ice Age. Read full book review >
SHIPS OF THE AIR by Lynn Curlee
Released: Sept. 1, 1996

"This brief history of that era delights as well as it informs. (Picture book/nonfiction. 8-11)"
The enchanting, vibrant paintings of balloon ships in this book would be perfect for framing even if they weren't also perfectly suited to the text. Read full book review >
HORSES WITH WINGS by Dennis Haseley
Released: Sept. 30, 1993

"Still, the story makes a good vehicle for Curlee's fine illustration debut; his clean, luminous art, elegantly framed in black rule, is handsomely designed and nicely embellished with period detail. (Picture book. 5-10)"
``More than a hundred years ago...Prussian troops marched into France,'' begins this tale of a unique rescue mission: the Prussian siege of Paris trapped French leaders, and someone needed to escape to the countryside and raise an army. Read full book review >